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Relion maritime set Relion maritime set
Battery set with charger. Especially for electric outboard motors and drives. The combination of proven Relion lithium-ion battery technology with professional, user-friendly Xenteq LBC 512-12 battery charger.
From €1,449.99
Liqui Moly battery terminal grease spray Liqui Moly battery terminal grease spray
Liqui Moly battery terminal grease spray based on lime soap. Protects battery terminals and electrical contacts from corrosion and oxidation. Plastic-compatible, prevent acid damage and ensures proper starting and extended life for the...
(€53.30 / 1 Liter)
Compass Power Battery Compass Power Battery
The Compass Lead Acid Starter Battery is very well suited for a smooth engine start as well as for the supply of a 12V on-board power supply due to the calcium technology. Maintenance-free and with low self-discharge as well as avoiding...
From €59.99
Torqeedo travel space battery 1003/503 - 915 Wh Torqeedo travel space battery 1003/503 - 915 Wh
Torqeedo travel space battery 1003/503 - 915 Wh; High performance lithium battery; Integrated GPS receiver; 915 Wh; 29.6 V; 31 Wh; USB adapter for operating other electrical equipment; Includes: Battery including USB adapter.
VARTA-Batteries "High Energy" VARTA-Batteries "High Energy"
These alkaline VARTA-batteries are completely free of mercury and offer enough power for high demands.
From €3.99
Vetus AGM Batteries Vetus AGM Batteries
AGM batteries are completely closed apart from a small ventilation hole (relief valve). AGM stands for "Absorbed Glass Mat". The glass mat completely absorbs all battery fluid, meaning the electrolyte. Even if the battery stands on its...
From €189.95
VARTA® Professional Deep Cycle AGM VARTA® Professional Deep Cycle AGM
The VARTA® Professional Deep Cycle AGM is the latest development in the evolution of lead-acid batteries for the ultimate in demanding applications. It features safety valves and a secure over-the-head cell connector. Thick plates for...
From €91.99
Compass AGM Battery Compass AGM Battery
AGM batteries from Compass are especially suited for the demanding maritime sector. They are very powerful and can be used as power or starter batteries. The Compass AGM battery can be installed in many different positions. The entire...
From €89.95
VARTA® Professional Starter LFS VARTA® Professional Starter LFS
Ideal for starting smaller boats with indoor or outboard motors. Specially developed for the marine industry and also for less demanding electrical systems. The high energy output guarantees reliable performance and it is completely...
From €119.99
Vetus Batteries Vetus Batteries
The maintenance-free Vetus batteries are especially designed for the demands of seagoing vessels. The batteries can be applied for engine and on-board net supply at the same time. The battery will not suffer any damage, even at -30˚C, so...
From €89.99