With our high-quality boat speakers, you don't have to do without good entertainment even on the high seas. The marine speakers are waterproof and specially designed for use on yachts and boats. Even regular contact with salt water cannot harm the waterproof sealed speakers.

In different sizes, shapes and colours, the boat speakers fit your needs perfectly. Most outdoor speakers are suitable for permanent installation, so that safety on board is guaranteed even in rough seas. As the built-in speakers are waterproof, dirt and seawater can simply be wiped off if necessary.

Marine speakers for communication and entertainment

Whether you want to enjoy the sun with relaxing radio sounds or listen to your favourite music in the water: A good outdoor speaker provides the right background music in any situation.

In the Compass online shop you will find a selection of powerful speakers and boxes for use above and below deck. In addition, we offer marine speakers for communication on board, including waterproof funnel speakers and boat horns in durable quality.

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