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Set of Two Pontoon Fenders Set of Two Pontoon Fenders
The special construction of this fender makes it especially suitable for secure attachments to platforms, smooth sheet pile walls or piers. Affixed using eight screws (not included).Length x height x thickness: 100 x 12 x 7 cm
€57.90 €47.90 You save 17%
Fender »M« Fender »M«
Made from soft UV-resistant PVC with eyelets at both ends. No valve adaptor necessary.Fender lines are not spliced.
Fender, 4 Piece Set Fender, 4 Piece Set
The top offer at Compass. Fender in a 4 piece set at a super price. Each Fender has two eyes on the upper and lower ends for various mounting options on board. The valve fits every compressed air gun, so that refilling is no problem and...
From €22.95
Fender, Set of Two Fender, Set of Two
Each fender has two eyes at the top and bottom. The valve is suitable for any compressed air gun. Made of soft PVC.
From €14.90
TESSILMARE Dock Fender 90 TESSILMARE Dock Fender 90
The TESSILMARE Dock Fender 90 offers greater protection for your boat. This robust black dock fender is made from high-quality PVC and is easy to attach to outriggers, pile moorings or jetties using Spax screws (order now). It cushions...
From €49.95
TESSILMARE Dock Fender end TESSILMARE Dock Fender end
This TESSILMARE Dock Fender end is the end piece for the Dock Fender 90.
From €29.95
seaEQ Hook�n Loop Tape (set of 4) seaEQ Hook�n Loop Tape (set of 4)
seaEQ Hook�n Loop Tape fixes everything that needs to be put together quickly. It is super-stable and has excellent holding properties. The fact that loop is easy to use and the right length makes it suitable for any purpose. Made from...
From €19.95
seaEQ bow fender (BF) seaEQ bow fender (BF)
The seaEQ bow fender protects your boat from damage. The fender can be easily attached using a rope. The heavy, highly tear-proof polyester fabric ensures a long service life. In the event of impact, cushioning is provided by a strong,...
From €69.95
seaEQ dock fender seaEQ dock fender
This dock fender ensures that your yacht can glide along it and prevents sudden stops to your manoeuvres. The fender attaches directly to the dock, jetty or pontoon with screws or cable ties. It is made from closed-cell polyethylene foam...
From €39.95
POLYFORM Fender. Long fender with extremely robust twin eyes and reinforcing ribs. Equipped with special POLYFORM valve. Available in various models.
From €13.95
POLYFORM Long Fender POLYFORM Long Fender
POLYFORM Long Fender. Exceptionally strong and robust long fender, developed for use in commercial shipping. Available in various models.
From €38.95
Polyform buoy Polyform buoy
Polyform buoy. Buoys with reinforced eyelets for heavy loading. Indispensable for deep sea fishing and offshore use. Available in various models.
From €19.95
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