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Clip-on Fender Clip-on Fender
A unique fender that is simply clipped on, so it doesn’t even have to be detached. The extremely impact-resistant structural foam provides your boat with perfect protection. Can be used horizontally or vertically and cannot have its...
From €59.99
DAN Heavy Duty Fender DAN Heavy Duty Fender
Highest quality fender for guaranteed protection of yachts and boats of all sizes. Thanks to the special manufacturing process it has no weak points such as seams that burst or eyes that pull out of the ends. The specially reinforced...
From €39.99
Compass Multifender Compass Multifender
is very robust and extendable both horizontally and vertically. Suitable for mounting on the boat or pontoon and especially round mooring posts. UV-resistant, extremely strong and indestructible.
4 Fender + 4 ropes + 4 fender sox 4 Fender + 4 ropes + 4 fender sox
€128.91 From €79.91 You save 38%
Dock Fender Dock Fender
For permanent or semipermanent fitting to any dock or pontoon, this fender will protect your hull against all those times when the tide is running and there is a stiff crosswind in the marina! Fix with 8 screws (not supplied). Length x...
From €19.99
Dock Fender Dock Fender
Coming alongside or into your dock with a crosswind or tide? Dock fenders will protect your hull until you have time to moor up and insert more fenders. Length 110cm, Ø 24 cm.
Fender, Set of Two Fender, Set of Two
Each fender has two eyes at the top and bottom. The valve is suitable for any compressed air gun. Made of soft PVC.
From €14.98
Polyform buoy Polyform buoy
Polyform buoy. Buoys with reinforced eyelets for heavy loading. Indispensable for deep sea fishing and offshore use. Available in various models.
From €19.95
The DAN-FENDER Light combines good quality at a good price. The design is similar to the Heavy Duty Fender, but without the familiar two-tone look. The DAN-FENDER Light is suitable for boats between 5 and 9 m. Available in various models.
From €9.95
Corner Dock Fender Corner Dock Fender
Adjustable to fit any corner down to 90°, so can be used on the end of the dock or any other dangerous looking protuberance. Certainly easier to fit one of these than fix the gelcoat! 8 screws are all you need (not supplied). Length:...
Multi-Fender Strip Multi-Fender Strip
Versatile multi-fender strips for cushioning and protecting against impacts on platforms, bollards, edges and and many other places. The fender strip is 8 cm wide and 60 cm long.
Fender »S« Fender »S«
Made from soft UV-resistant PVC with eyelets at both ends. No valve adaptor necessary.Fender lines are not spliced.
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