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Dometic-Waeco CoolFreeze CF AC/DC Dometic-Waeco CoolFreeze CF AC/DC
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Dometic-Waeco TropiCool TCX thermoelectric cool box Dometic-Waeco TropiCool TCX thermoelectric cool...
€239.99 From €199.99 You save 17%
Coolfreeze CF-18 Coolfreeze CF-18
€569.99 From €369.99 You save 35%
Waeco Tropicool Waeco Tropicool
From €229.99
Refrigerator Refrigerator
From €449.95
Evaporator Evaporator
From €119.95
Dometic-Waeco FR40 Compressor Cooler Dometic-Waeco FR40 Compressor Cooler
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Engel MT35G-P compressor box v2 Engel MT35G-P compressor box v2
Compressor in platinum design with the latest technology of a vibration compressor. Lighter, quieter and more efficient than ever before. A priority circuit intelligently detects when to switch from battery power to shore power when...
€949.99 From €739.99 You save 22%
Mobicool compressor box FR34 Mobicool compressor box FR34
Cool box with a volume of approx. 31 litres from Mobicool with energy class A+. The good insulation is achieved by a high-quality polyurethane foam, the housing is made of polypropylene on the outside and inside. Suitable for 12/24 Volt...
€469.99 €289.99 You save 38%
Coolmatic CD cooling drawer Coolmatic CD cooling drawer
CoolMatic compressor drawer with a 20-30 l. The power pack and temperature control unit of this refrigerator can be easily removed to meet all requirements for maximum flexibility. A refrigerator therefore for all space conditions, no...
€659.99 From €579.99 You save 12%
Dometic Bio cooler 30L Dometic Bio cooler 30L
The world's first environmentally friendly cooler, where the outer material of the lower body is made of fully recyclable organic composite material. This results in 26% less CO2 emission compared to conventional plastics. Lighter and...
€119.99 €99.99 You save 17%
Engel MT35F-S compressor box v1 Engel MT35F-S compressor box v1
Compressor with a vibration compressor. No modification of a household compressor, but the only compressor designed and developed exclusively for mobile use. Lighter, more efficient and, above all, quieter and all this with even lower...
€989.99 From €599.99 You save 39%
Compressor cooler CFX Dometic Compressor cooler CFX Dometic
Never seen before for application on board or on the road: Energy class A++ and freezer temperatures of up to -22°C independent of the ambient temperature. A high-performance compressor and special insulation make this possible and lower...
From €719.95
Waeco CoolFreeze Waeco CoolFreeze
Even better performance and more options. This new CF mobile fridge from Waeco is electronically controlled and can be set to maintain a temperature from +10ºC to -18ºC with the memory function. Also with compressor, 3-stage battery...
€899.99 From €429.99 You save 52%
Coolfreeze CF-18 Coolfreeze CF-18
No need to worry about having a fridge on board any more. This fridge is extremely well insulated and with a very compact but efficient compressor, it will keep all your food fresh and your drinks chilled! It will hold 18ltr and uses...
€569.99 From €369.99 You save 35%
'Engel' coldbox 'Engel' coldbox
Engel coldboxes are renowned for their particularly high quality manufacture, and have been so for over 45 years. No matter where they are stowed, they work at full efficiency - even at angles of up to 60o. The coldboxes remain at...
€579.99 €479.99 You save 17%
Refrigerator Refrigerator
Fully hermetic Danfoss compressor with electronic controls and integrated surge protection, undervolt-age cut-off switch, electronic reverse polarity protect-ion and self-sealing valve connection. Dynamic wire tube condenser. The Waeco...
From €449.95
Set: Waeco Refrigerator + Evaporator VD-01 Set: Waeco Refrigerator + Evaporator VD-01
For chilled food at all times. The set consists of a CU-55 refrigeration unit and an L evaporator VO-01. Suitable for floor mounting.
€569.95 €449.95 You save 21%
Set: Waeco Refrigerator + Evaporator VD-07 Set: Waeco Refrigerator + Evaporator VD-07
Set consists of a CU-55 refrigeration unit and an O evaporator VD-07. Suitable for floor mounting.
€569.95 €449.95 You save 21%
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