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Marker Buoy Marker Buoy
Combination marker buoy/rescue sling. The buoy is attached to the railing with hook-and-loop strips and can be operated by the pilot with one hand. Pulling the handle causes the buoy to fall into the water and inflate instantly. The tip...
From €199.95
Catch & Lift Rail Mount Catch & Lift Rail Mount
For attaching the case to the pushpit or railing. Easy to attach, no tools needed. Fast-opening handle for enabling quick access to the rescue system.
Catch & Lift Rescue System Catch & Lift Rescue System
The case is waterproof and robust CATCH and LIFT works in an ingeniously simple way. It is based on physical principles and requires minimal components, making CATCH and LIFT an extremely reliable and user-friendly life-saving system....
Security Sling Buoys Security Sling Buoys
Inflatable rescue sling for retrieving persons who have fallen over board quickly back into the boat with the 35 m lifeline (failure load 700 kg). The rescue sling is automatically triggered and inflated upon contact with water. Buoyancy...
From €129.95
Compass Rescue Sling Compass Rescue Sling
Sailing around the casualty allows him to grab the floating line which is fastened to the boat. The foam-filled sling acts as a life ring, and as tension is applied, the sling closes to hold the casualty so you can haul him aboard. The...
Lifesling II Lifesling II
The life sling is used to rescue a person that went overboard. Its safe use is described in detail on the pouch. The pouch consists of polypropylene, the sling of vinyl. The 38m long lifeline is contained in the delivery. Breaking load:...
Replacement pouch Lifesling II Replacement pouch Lifesling II
Robust spare pouch for Lifesling II.
Heaving line Heaving line
Heaving line made of 6mm polypropylene with a heaving handle attached to one side. The total length of the floatable line is 23 metres. Weight: 680gr.
Throw Line for Life-Ring Throw Line for Life-Ring
Throw line for life-ring, 30 m in length (8 mm), stored in a PE container. SOLAS-compliant with a breaking load of 600 daN and a loop at the top of the life-ring throw line for attachment to the life-ring along with a loop on the handle.