Good navy binoculars or monoculars on board must be able to withstand a lot: Moisture, shocks, temperature fluctuations and other stresses on optics and mechanics. A marine glass should fit well in the hand, have excellent optics in poor visibility conditions and preferably be equipped with an integrated bearing compass. Compass binoculars meet the highest requirements. For example, the Compass Ocean 7 x 50 is designed for the toughest conditions: filled with nitrogen, perfectly sealed, rubber armoured and the bearing compass is illuminated. Binoculars from Compass have proven themselves in practice for many years and offer strong performance at an affordable price. Steiner is another top brand known for the quality of its all-weather binoculars. Image-stabilizing binoculars from Canon remain sharp and shake-free at the touch of a button. Minox binoculars have become even more functional and innovative: digital compass, integrated barometer and stopwatch included. Night vision devices from Bushnell, for example, have become very affordable and can contribute to the safety of approaches and approaches at night thanks to their residual light amplification.

Purchase criteria for water sports

A high performance binocular for water sports should meet various requirements. For many buyers, it is important that it works without restrictions at temperatures between -5°C and 60°C. Water sports enthusiasts also look for binoculars for rough seas. Here it is important to use binoculars that fit securely in the hand thanks to their non-slip, solid rubber armouring. Special binoculars such as marine binoculars or binoculars for water sports must also be fully waterproof and have a sturdy binocular housing. An attached floating belt keeps them above the water surface when they fall into the water.


Practical accessories

Binoculars with illuminated 360° compass provide the necessary orientation even at night. In bad weather with heavy seas, storms and heavy rain high pressure waterproof binoculars on board are indispensable. When buying binoculars the accessories are therefore very important. A practical storage bag is one of them. Cover flaps protect the binoculars when the binoculars are not in use. These should be included in the scope of delivery as well as a carrying strap or a floating belt and a carrying bag . Many water sports enthusiasts are looking for simple pocket binoculars with which they can observe animals or look over the sea on a boat. These small and lightweight binoculars are available at a reasonable price and complement the range of high-quality binoculars that have been developed for a wide variety of applications. It is therefore worth investing a little more in the purchase of binoculars.

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