outboard motors of the latest generation, combustion engines or environmentally friendly electric motors, can be found at Compass24. These are all powerful, efficient, clean and economical. No matter whether you use it as an auxiliary engine for your yacht or for your inflatable boat or dinghy, whether as long or short shaft, you will always find the best possible choice at Compass24.

What was unthinkable just a few years ago has long since become reality on the water. More and more often boats are driven by whisper-quiet and powerful electric motors. As propulsion for bow thrusters, their immediately available power has long been appreciated, but now they are no longer only a real help during harbour manoeuvres. Electric motors are increasingly being discovered as outboard motors on sports boats. The Torqeedo is firmly linked to this success. The affinity of the name with torpedo, which is reminiscent of lightning-fast power development, is no coincidence with these drives. With brands such as Flover and Sevylor, the shop also offers the right outboard motors for fishing boats and dinghies for fresh and salt water use.

Accessories for boat engines

The shop offers boat engine accessories for built-in boat engines as well as for petrol outboards and electric motors. Anyone who drives sports boats knows that everything that moves is subject to a certain amount of wear and tear. Therefore you will find various offers for all engines at Compas24. Whether wearing parts or replacement for maintenance, such as cooling water filter, oil filter or fuel filter. In addition, the shop offers replacements for oil pumps and impeller. At this point you should already think of the reserve, which for safety reasons should not be missing on board any pleasure craft.


Almost everything for outboards and boat engines

Anyone who is involved in the restoration or reconstruction of a pleasure boat will find various instruments and spare parts that reflect the current technical state of the art and thus also allow older boats to be technically rejuvenated at reasonable prices. Soundproofing not only ensures a pleasant cooperation on board, even when the engine is running. Modern exhaust systems ensure that emissions also remain within the regulations. Whether petrol outboard motor or emission-free electric motor, whether accessories for engine or boat - the quality in the Compass online shop will convince you.