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Cobb gas connection set Cobb gas connection set
Connection set: 50 mbar D ring control and hose G 1/4� LH-�M x AG 7/16� x 28 UNEF (LH-�M - left-hand-thread union nut). MD-PVC 100 cm for the operation of loads with a pressure gas cans connection 7/16� x 28 UNEF on a 5 or 11 kg gas...
Kuumo Gas Grill Kuumo Gas Grill
The Stow N' Go gas barbecue is an excellent grill made of a high quality stainless steel construction. The integrated folding legs make the grill easy to transport and set up. Size is perfect for when space is limited. Optional railing...
€299.99 From €199.99 You save 33%
Cobb Premier dome extension Cobb Premier dome extension
Cobb Premier dome extension for Cobb grills, including chicken roasting stand.
Save in the set Save in the set
Table grill barbeque + 4 gas cartridges in a set
€69.98 €49.98 You save 29%
Cobb SUPREME grill Cobb SUPREME grill
The Cobb SUPREME grill is a stainless-steel charcoal grill for grilling, frying, baking, boiling and even smoking. It is a real outdoor culinary device for boats, camping or picnics. Cobb grills can achieve a temperature of almost 300 °...
Cobb Premier Gas Grill Cobb Premier Gas Grill
Very economical gas grill, which lasts for approx. 3 hours with only one gas cartridge with screw thread. The Cobb rides off with a butane/propane gas mix. The size of the grill is the same as the Premier Grill, so accessories can be used.
€229.99 €199.99 You save 13%
Cobb SUPREME grill grid Cobb SUPREME grill grid
Stainless-steel Cobb SUPREME grill grid for cooking roasts, chicken, etc. Simply place on the grill grid and lock into place.
Cobb SUPREME bag Cobb SUPREME bag
Waterproof vinyl bag for Cobb SUPREME.
Kuumo BBQ Cover Kuumo BBQ Cover
Made of UV resistant material.
Railing holder Kuumo Grill Railing holder Kuumo Grill
For tubes 22-32 mm.
From €49.99
Cobb Premier+ Grill Cobb Premier+ Grill
Cobb Grill based on the well-known grilling principles, now with a lot of new extras and improvements. A brand new lid improves air circulation and air supply as well as the core temperature, which is up to 70°C higher than in the other...
€199.99 €179.99 You save 10%
Cobb Easy To Go Grill Cobb Easy To Go Grill
Easy to Go is the right name for this model. The practical grill weighs only 3.5 kg, has a diameter of 30 cm and is only 17.5 cm high. With Cobb's own briquettes, it is ready for use in just a few minutes. The non-stick coated grill...
€109.99 €99.99 You save 9%
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