Nautical charts

Accurate nautical charts are indispensable and mandatory for safe navigation on the high seas and on larger inland areas. Digital or electronic nautical charts and classical nautical charts must be up-to-date, the skipper is responsible for regular corrections and updates of the data. Only good nautical charts show precisely coastal course, depths, restricted areas, buoys, seasigns and other important navigation aids. The depth information near the coast should be as comprehensive as possible. An electronic sea chart has the advantage that it can also be called up via app. A classic chart is available from various publishers, often with a whole series or set covering a wide range of sea areas.

Sports navigation charts are tailored to the requirements of sports navigation, for which separate correction systems are available. The sea chart case for example offers a complete nautical program for the Baltic Sea. Special chart sets with excerpts from official German nautical charts are not corrected, but are reissued every 1-2 years. The provider of the respective electronic chart system is responsible for updating electronic nautical charts. Navionics sea charts, Garmin nautical charts and Magellan- Sea charts are for chart plotter the most common sea chart systems with extensive sea chart software. BlueChart-Cartography offers, for example, a representation in 3D-perspective.

For most of the sea areas there are sea charts in different scales, from sailing over the sea or general maps to district maps and harbour plans. Detailed maps provide additional information. Especially for the Dutch North Sea coast and the German North Sea coast there are clearly arranged sets of sport boat charts available. Inland waterway charts, for example for the inland waterway area of Northern Germany, are available in several volumes. Coloured folding charts with lock information and fairway designations are best suited as charts for the inland waters of the Netherlands. For Mediterranean Sea with Balearic Islands, Adriatic Sea and Croatia up to the Baltic Sea from Danish and Swedish coast to Poland there are nautical charts and chart sets on CD-ROM available. From single charts and planning charts to navigation software and learning software, the Compass Online Shop presents a complete range of nautical literature for inland and marine use.

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