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Companionway mosquito net Companionway mosquito net
This mosquito net hangs over the companionway and can be fastened using the cords on the top corners. The edges feature an light eco band, which ensures a good grip and makes it easy to attach and detach. - Suitable for almost all boats...
Black-out curtain Black-out curtain
Does light disturb your sleep? Then darken your companionway with this curtain. Hand it over the companionway and attach it to the top corners. The curtain also provides protection from mosquitoes, flies and wasps.
RIBOMAX Hatch Sprayhood RIBOMAX Hatch Sprayhood
Good ventilation below, what-ever the weather. Easily fixed over a hatch to become an oversized dorade vent that can be turned in any direction to suck in air and keep out the weather. It also incorporates a bug screen so you’ll sleep...
From €69.95
Hatch Cover and Bug Net Hatch Cover and Bug Net
The ideal solution for day and night. This cover from ‘Blue’ protects your hatches from UV damage and scratching. When open for ventilation, the insect net will keep all the bugs out. Easy installation. Material: Grey ripstop /...
From €56.95
Hatchway Roller Blind Hatchway Roller Blind
Darkness made easy. A solid stainless-steel frame with an epoxy resin finish and high-quality stainless-steel springs offer the optimum solution for hatches and windows. Installation is simple and can be carried out by anyone with a few...
From €29.95
Oceanair Roman blind Oceanair Roman blind
The Oceanair Roman blind is quick and easy to assemble. It has been developed especially for yacht windows. 100% polyester.
From €59.95
Insect net for hatches Insect net for hatches
No more unwanted insects with this UV-resistant net. Simply attached to the frame and the raised hatch.
From €19.95
Portshade Portshade
The elegant sunshade for all popular portholes. Slimline blind assembly, silver anodised with reflective coating.
From €59.95
MariNet Mosquito Net MariNet Mosquito Net
Mosquitoes, midges and flies are pretty unwanted guests on a boat. These mosquito nets come in two sizes with holes small enough to keep out the most determined insect. Made of UV stable polyester netting with a lead weighted line around...
From €44.95
Wind Angel Wind Angel
This lightweight ‘mini-spinny’ deflects even the lightest zephyr down through the cabin. Fix the apex to a halyard and the base to the hatch and it will always orientate itself correctly to the wind. Double sewn polyester.
Rollshade Rollshade
Specially developed roller blind that keeps out the sun and prying eyes. Easy installation.
From €74.95