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Simy My-AIS Marine Emergency Beacon Simy My-AIS Marine Emergency Beacon
My-AIS was developed for hobby sailors and is the smallest marine distress beacon in the world. Its compact size enables it to fit easily into any life jacket. It is 50% smaller and lighter than conventional beacons. The GPS signal is...
McMurdo G8 McMurdo G8
EPIRB, COSPAS-SARSAT and MEOSAR EPIRB, 406 MHz & 121.5 MHz, with 72-channel GNSS receiver for GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO. Through an AIS any ship in range can receive, locate and response to the distress signals in an emergency. Worldwide...
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McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS
The Smartfind S20 is a small distress beacon worn directly on the life jacket or carried on the person. If the person falls over board, the beacon is activated in two steps. If it is correctly attached to the life jacket, it will be...
McMurdo Fast Find 220 GPS PLB McMurdo Fast Find 220 GPS PLB
The Fast Find 220 PLB (Personal Location Beacon) is available with or without 50-channel GPS receiver. The PLB works on a frequency of 406 MHz. It is triggered manually. An SOS Morse LED flashing light as well as extensive diagnosis and...
Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1
Transmits on 406 MHz to the rescue services, on 121.5 MHz via radio for location on site, as well as on channel 66 with GPS for a fast and exact position determination. The battery has a service life of 7 years, the warranty period is 7...
Seatag MOB Armband Seatag MOB Armband
Combined with the free app, Seatag is a low-cost MOB solution that can be used with most smartphones. No additional on-board installation is necessary. Perfect for night use and ideal for monitoring children. The system can be used...
AMEC AIS MOB TB-520 Distress Transmitter AMEC AIS MOB TB-520 Distress Transmitter
Compact AIS distress transmitter. Witt manual or automatic triggering via the built-in water-contact switch. The antenna is released by pulling the red plastic cap. The transmitter uses the following frequencies: AIS 1: 161.975MHz and...
Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB
Satellite-assisted maritime salvage via 406 MHz. Your distress signal can be localised anywhere on the globe. Transmission also takes place on the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz and the EPIRB flashes with a bright light. A 50-channel GPS...
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ACR C-strobe ACR C-strobe
Flash lamp, visible up to 3.2 km. 60 flashes/minute for 4 hours, afterwards 20 flashes/minute. Turns on and off by turning the lens. Not a problem, even under extreme conditions. Weight: 75 g. Supply with 2 mignon batteries (2AA, not...
Ocean Signal RescueMe AIS MOB1 Ocean Signal RescueMe AIS MOB1
Ocean Signal RescueMe AIS MOB1 is a very small, lightweight AIS emergency beacon with DSC function. Requires no maintenance for seven years and features a 66-channel GPS receiver. The transmitter can be mounted onto a life jacket and...
Ocean RescueME EPIRB1 Ocean RescueME EPIRB1
The Compass GPS 400c offers a variety of functions. The highlights include an electronic compass, barometer and temperature gauge as well as targeted navigation and precise distance and area measurement. Thanks to the SiRF Star III GPS...
The easyONE is the world's first fully automated AIS MOB (man overboard) emergency transmitter. Its patented inflation mechanism has taken safety standards for both boat and crew to the top level. The patented inflator was developed by a...