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Relion maritime set Relion maritime set
Battery set with charger. Especially for electric outboard motors and drives. The combination of proven Relion lithium-ion battery technology with professional, user-friendly Xenteq LBC 512-12 battery charger.
From €1,449.95
Waeco charger Waeco charger
The Waeco charger impresses on all levels. It charges batteries faster, is quicker and simpler to install and comes at an attractive price. The IOUU PerfectCharge features a 5-step charging characteristic, is suitable for all battery...
From €49.95
Torqeedo travel solar charger (50 W) Torqeedo travel solar charger (50 W)
Torqeedo travel solar charger (50 W). Foldable solar panel supplying 50W, high-performance crystalline solar cells. Dimensions: 60 x 38 cm (folded). Includes bag for easy transport and storage. Watertight plug-&-play connection for...
Charger Charger
Charge all battery types from one charger. The Compass charger guarantees quick and reliable charging of all wet, gel and AGM batteries thanks to its modified IUoU charging curve. Easy switching between the different battery types. The...
From €139.95
Compass Battery Charger Compass Battery Charger
Charge your acid, wet, AGM and gel batteries safely in 5 phases. Automatic diagnosis to determine the charging process and trickle charging for months ahead. Batteries charged in temperatures of -20° to 50° - ideal for outdoor use. The...
From €59.95
Sterling Pro Sport PFC charger Sterling Pro Sport PFC charger
The Sterling Pro Sport PFC charger is a waterproof charging device that is now extremely efficient thanks to its active power factor correction (PFC). Less power is required for the same charging power. The device also has the standard...
From €219.95
Torqeedo Travel charger Torqeedo Travel charger
The Torqeedo Travel charger is for Torqeedo Travel 503 S / L and 1003 S / L outboards.
ProSplit R Charge Distributor ProSplit R Charge Distributor
Practical charge distribution from the dynamo to the battery without voltage loss is guaranteed, making the distributor an intelligent part of your charging technology to ensure that batteries can be fully charged. Distributes power to 2...
From €149.95
ProCharge Ultra ProCharge Ultra
Setting standards in performance and technology and reducing power consumption. The ProCharge Ultra chargers are pre-programmed with over 11 charging curves for 11 types of battery (including the new LiFePO4 batteries) plus one custom...
From €279.95
Sterling alternator battery charger Sterling alternator battery charger
Sterling alternator battery chargers optimise starter and consumer battery charging via alternator. The batteries are charged quickly and effectively thanks to the IUoUo charging designation. The devices can be perfectly adjusted to the...
From €359.95
CTEK marine battery charger CTEK marine battery charger
Full power at all times thanks to clever charging: fully electronic high-frequency charger for all types of battery. Batteries remain permanently connected. The safety system prevents spikes and peak loads. With IUoUp charge...
From €59.95
CTEK Battery Charger CTEK Battery Charger
The newest generation of CTEK battery chargers are characterised by safety, high efficiency and convenience. Intelligent, powerful and noiseless, they do not generate sparks and are protected against incorrect connection and...
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