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Timex Compass and Tide Watch Timex Compass and Tide Watch
High quality tide watch for the skipper with very robust casing, movement and wrist leather strap to withstand tough conditions. The watch stands out for its extreme accuracy and high quality manufacture. With electronic analogue...
€179.95 From €159.95 You save 11%
TV wall mount TV wall mount
Matching wall mount for LED TV.
From €29.95
Compass® Regatta Watch Compass® Regatta Watch
A must for all racers! You simply can't do without the Compass® watch in your dinghy or yacht. Never miss the starting gun again - you will always be on the line on time. The programmable countdown, professional race timer and digital...
Casio Yacht Timer Casio Yacht Timer
Auto LED Light - To switch on the watch’s LED display illumination, all you need to do is turn your wrist slightly. The watch’s moon phase indicator shows the current state of the Moon relative to the Earth. The tides are shown depending...
Waterproof Marine Radio Waterproof Marine Radio
Marine radio for complete entertainment on board; waterproof (IP66) with an LED lamp and LCD display and 4x40 W power. Loudspeakers not included. Installation dimensions: Drill hole 80 mm, exterior 105 mm, recess depth 41 mm....
Perfect music enjoyment on board with this compact waterproof (IPx5) radio, including for outside installation with an integrated Bluetooth module for streaming music from Apple and Android smartphones. The system has a maximum output of...
Megasat Antenna Case Megasat Antenna Case
This camping case contains everything needed to watch TV while on the go. The extreme stability of this plastic case ensures that everything is perfectly protected. The ease of use and assembly make set-up on the ground simplicity...
Fusion Marine Two-Way Installed Loudspeaker Fusion Marine Two-Way Installed Loudspeaker
The Fusion Marine loudspeaker has been specially designed for use in maritime environments. For clear, powerful sound. Its innovative design and novel materials produce not only excellent sound quality but also guarantee consistently...
From €94.95
Waterproof Loudspeaker Waterproof Loudspeaker
Seawater resistant loudspeaker with broad spectrum sound capability thanks to the silicone sheathing of the magnets. Housing, grid and membrane are of strong plastic. Supplied with sealing ring and stainless screws. 100% waterproof....
From €34.99
2-way loudspeakers Visaton 2-way loudspeakers Visaton
Seawater-resistant 2-way coaxial loudspeakers in an unusual compass rose design, made of high-quality and durable plastic. The additional tweeter in the centre of the compass rose results in an extremely clear and pleasant sound...
(€55.00 / 1 Stück)
Casio Watch with Digital Compass Casio Watch with Digital Compass
Watch with many functions and display that can be backlit at the touch of a button. A sensor measures ambient temperature and the direct-ion sensor of the digital compass finds and displays magnetic north digitally. Shows time in up to...
Majestic Television Majestic Television
12 V television with Full HD, integrated DVB-T2 and S2 tuner. With the MMMI function, films or sports events can be easily displayed without additional power connections. Connect the existing smart phone or tablet with an HDMI adapter...
From €349.99
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