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spinlock tiller extension spinlock tiller extension
spinlock tiller extension. The asymmetric grip improves precise helming, while reducing hand fatigue and back pain. You can change your position regularly without affecting the helming quality. Max. operating load: 75 kg.
From €199.95
FRIEND tiller extension FRIEND tiller extension
The length of the FRIEND tiller extension can be simply and precisely adjusted. It can also be used as a tiller restraint for setting the desired rudder precise position in 35 stages. If the handle on spring-loaded folding hook is hooked...
From €119.95
Burgee Burgee
Spring loaded for easy exchange or removal. Frame in stainless steel with burgee in 3 sizes.
From €12.95
Windsock Burgee Windsock Burgee
This mast-top windsock indicates not only the direction of the apparent wind but also its strength. Burgee made from nylon.
From €19.95
Tiller arm Tiller arm
Sprenger tiller arm: Stainless-steel, fixed length: 60 - 140 cm, aluminium, silver (anodized, sea-water-resistant) or black (powder-coated), lightweight handle made from soft, lightweight cellular rubber, detachable joint (rubber with...
From €44.95
Sprenger tiller arm Sprenger tiller arm
Sprenger tiller arm, detachable joint (rubber with rope), length: 60 - 120 cm, aluminium, silver (anodized, sea-water-resistant), lightweight handle made from soft, lightweight cellular rubber, detachable joint (rubber with rope), made...
From €31.95
Miniature tiller arrester Miniature tiller arrester
Even on small boats with tiller steering, it makes sense to be able to ride straight ahead without having to keep the hand on the tiller. This miniature tiller arrest made of stainless steel keeps the tiller safely on course and does not...
From €49.95
Telescopic Tiller Extension Telescopic Tiller Extension
Lightweight but strong telescopic tiller extension in marine grade anodised aluminium. Extendable from 60-125cm with an integral engine stop button. Places you in the middle of the boat for better trim. 550g.
TackingMaster tactical navigation device TackingMaster tactical navigation device
The TackingMaster is a wrist-worn tactical navigation device. It is ideal for regatta sailors in order to immediately recognise minor windshifts and course changes. No bigger than a wristwatch, you only a compass to adjust it on board....
Shroud Burgee Set Shroud Burgee Set
At a convenient optical height this burgee is not only ideal for dinghy sailors but also complements the mast burgee on cruising boats. Vane length: approx. 15cm.
Telltails Telltails
A complete set for foresail and mainsail, self-adhesive in a vari-ety of colours: 4 red and 4 green for both sides of the foresail.
Bailer Bailer
Handy bailer with a practical handle made from tough plastic. Holds 1 litre.
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