High-quality boat paints protect your yacht or boat from mechanical stresses and the effects of the weather, as well as from the deterioration caused by water contact. To give boat paints optimum adhesion and coverage, you should treat the surfaces to be painted with a suitable primer, undercoat or special primer for boat paints before applying the final coat. In our online shop you will find high-quality primers from renowned manufacturers to match your boat paint.

Easy application, best coverage and high corrosion protection

The primers, undercoats and undercoat paints we offer for your yacht and boat serve, on the one hand, as a bonding agent between the substrate and the final paint. On the other hand, they are partly enriched with aluminium to ensure better corrosion protection. This significantly extends the life of your boat and protects the boat paint from flaking. For a new coating, it is recommended to apply 2 to 3 coats of primer, undercoat or primer before finishing with the boat paint. For renovation coats, one coat of primer is usually sufficient. The prerequisite for optimum adhesion of the undercoat or primer is that the substrate is dry, clean and load-bearing. Non-intact old coats must therefore be thoroughly removed before application.

Suitable for all common substrates

Regardless of whether your boat or yacht has a hull made of steel, wood or GRP, the primers and undercoats available from us are suitable for all common materials used in boat building. They are characterised by excellent adhesion and covering power. In addition, they have a very good flow behaviour and an appealing surface appearance with a high yield at the same time. They are easy to apply even for non-professionals. For best painting results, you should always use suitable brushes and rollers intended for painting work. As a rule, the primer or undercoat dries quickly, so that several coats can be applied in one day.

Order primer for your boat conveniently online now!

Buy the new primer or primer for your yacht now conveniently and securely in our online shop and choose from numerous secure payment methods. Of course, we also carry boat paint and boat varnish. Why not order them at the same time?

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