Instruments / Control

i40 Echo-System mit Heckgeber
£279.99 £299.99
Advansea Wind S400 Digital
i40 Abdeckkappe
£22.99 £23.99
i40 Log-System mit Heckgeber
Raymarine i40 Log
£329.99 £359.99
Performance Instrument
from £1,279.99 £1,429.99
Garmin GMI 20
£549.99 £598.99
Raymarine i50 Tridata
£799.99 £889.99
Raymarine i50 Log
£549.99 £619.99
Raymarine p70
£669.99 £769.99
Raymarine T110 digital display
Micro Compass System
£319.99 £369.99

As a skipper, you want to have everything in view that is necessary for a safe and successful trip: water depth, speed, position, and as a sailor also the wind. Here you will find the instruments that give you the information you need in the cockpit at any time - for both motorboats and sailboats.

Nobody wants to leave the harbour without an echo sounder. For fishing enthusiasts, the depth sounder is also available in combination with a fishfinder, for example from Lowrance, Garmin or Raymarine. This way you can quickly see where there are chances of a good catch. Also important on board is the boat speedometer. You want to know both: Speed through the water and speed over ground. The log is available separately or as a combination device with an echo sounder, for example from NASA. GPS devices with GPS speedometers are available in a wide variety of designs for every type of boat - from practical handheld devices to permanently installed chart plotters with speedometers. Leading manufacturers here are Simrad, Garmin and Raymarine. With these instruments, you can always fully assess the situation and make the right decisions for your trip - whether on a day trip or on a holiday trip lasting several weeks.

Anemometers, wind indicators and wind direction indicators are also essential for sailing navigation. The easiest time to install the anemometer is in the spring, before you set the mast. With a wireless system, you save yourself the hassle of installation and the hassle of broken cables. With these devices, you have the situation in view at all times and can assess which targets are feasible with the current wind direction and strength. This is not only helpful for regatta sailors, but also for longer trips.

Battery monitoring, engine monitoring and an accurate clock are further instruments that help to ensure that you as skipper always have all the information available in the cockpit. Good equipment is central to safety on board!

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