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Prism Deck Bracket Prism Deck Bracket
The prism deck bracket is designed for flat decks like that of the laser. The extension lines can be fed underneath the compass. It is made of black anodised aluminium, weight: 70 g. It can be mounted on the deck of a laser using the...
Velocitek Prism Velocitek Prism
PRISM ! ... the lightest (137 g), fastest (4Hz-4x p/sec) and coolest (waterproof up to a water depth of 3 m) race compass in the world. Class-compliant, because it is a simple compass with no GPS. Solar-powered! Giant 30 mm figures,...
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Raymarine p70 Raymarine p70
The autopilot control unit features the Raymarine "LightHouse" user interface allowing faster and easier operation. The 3.5" colour display with key operation was developed especially for sailboats. With compass control, standby, fish...
NASA EML-2 Logger NASA EML-2 Logger
Electromagnetic logger for measuring the ride through the water without moving parts. The sensor signal is converted to boat speed, trip and total distance. Data can be transferred to compatible devices via NMEA0180. From 0.2 to 40 kn in...
Electromagnetic log sensor for measuring the speed through the water without paddle wheel. Speed, trip and total distance are calculated. The clear display has 40 mm high digits. Suitable for mounting on cockpit or exterior wall. 12V DC...
Wind vane kit Wind vane kit
Spare wind vane kit including fixings and illustrated fitting instructions. For Clipper, Target, Cruiser Wind masthead units.
Raymarine i50 Tridata Raymarine i50 Tridata
• Combined depth sounder and log data in a clearly structured 3-line format• Special depth and speed display with day and total mileage, water temperature and SOG
€889.99 €729.99 You save 18%
Displays depth from 0.8 - 100 ms with keel offset and adjustable deep and shallow alarms. Current usage: 12-22 mA, Size: 13 x 10 x 3cm.
From €129.95
TARGET/CRUISER Windspeed/Direction TARGET/CRUISER Windspeed/Direction
The initial set-up aligns the boat`s head with the wind indicator thus enabling the mast head unit to be mounted in any convenient orientation. 360° display of apparent wind and digital windspeed. 12mA consumption, dimensions: 13 x 10 x...
From €199.95
Raymarine i60 Wind Raymarine i60 Wind
• Combined analog and digital wind data• Calculates wind speed/wind angle
€1,129.99 €929.99 You save 18%
Displays speed from 0-30 knots in 0.1 k increments, trip distance to 999.9 nm, back-lit display, easy operation. Supplied with paddle-wheel sensor. Current usage: 12-22 mA, dimensions: 13 x 10 x 3cm.
From €129.95
Raymarine i50 Log Raymarine i50 Log
• Speed through the water• Speed over ground (GPS required)• Water temperature• Day and total mileage counter
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