Compass »CX-800« marine radio GPS
Cobra MRHH600 Pocket GPS/DSC
£259.99 £299.99
Cobra »350« Handheld radio
from £169.99 £189.99
Icom "IC-M330GE" Marine Radio
from £279.99 £299.99
Compass »CX-700« Handheld radio GPS/DSC
ICOM IC-M25 handheld transceiver
from £189.99 £209.99
Cobra handheld radio MRHH150
Freecom 150 Set
£43.99 (£22.00 / 1 Stck)

Compass24 also offers you a large selection of the latest radios, handheld radios or simple walkie-talkies. If you are not satisfied with your current reception, look at different antennas and decide which one is best suited for your yacht and with the learning software you will be perfectly prepared for the radio test.


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