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Jabsco PAR-Max 4.0 washdown pump kit Jabsco PAR-Max 4.0 washdown pump kit
The Jabsco PAR-Max 4.0 washdown pump kit is designed for pumping water at high pressure and removing mud and dirt from the anchor, anchor chains and deck. These pumps are operated on deck so they always come with a pressure switch and a...
Jabsco self-priming Water Puppy bilge pump Jabsco self-priming Water Puppy bilge pump
The workhorse of pumps. The Jabsco self-priming Water Puppy bilge pump can be used as bilge pump or general pump (e.g. for pumping out of the shower basin). It is self-priming to 1.2 m and has a capacity of 1920 l/h at 3 m vertical lift....
Jabsco V-Flo 12 V Jabsco V-Flo 12 V
The V-Flo variable-speed drive pump works at a maximum rate of 18.9 l/min. (5GPM). The electronic speed control adjusts the flow rate. Self-priming up to a height of 3 m. Runs dry without damage. Includes: 40 MESH suction filter; 2 x 14...
Jabsco bilge pump Jabsco bilge pump
The Jabsco bilge pump is from the new generation of diaphragm pumps and makes it possible to drain even the flatest of bilges. The pump�s filterless design makes it almost impossible for it to clog up. Easy to install thanks to...
Jabsco toilet waste diaphragm pump Jabsco toilet waste diaphragm pump
This extremely quiet Jabsco toilet waste inline diaphragm pump is the perfect solution for emptying your toilet waste tank. Simple installation thanks to 360 �-rotatable pump head. Self-priming up to 3 m. Cannot run dry. Output: 19...
Hand pump Hand pump
Made from oil and fuel resistant plas-tic. Blue/orange, supplied with outlet hose.
From €12.95
Manual bilge pump Manual bilge pump
Big pumping capacity at a small price. This sturdy pump will shift up to 60 litres/min at 3 m head. Hose connection In: 1 1/4", Out: 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Size: L 23 x W 16 x H 10cm, LOA: 39cm.
Johnson Pump L450/650 Duo Johnson Pump L450/650 Duo
L450: Hose connection: 3/4" - 19 mm. Max. output per hour: 2700 litres. Output at 1 m height per hour: 2280 litres. Maximum pumping height: 2.4 m. Voltage: 12 V DC. Current consumption: 1.4 A. Fuse: 2 A. Height: 112 mm. Max. dimensions:...
From €59.95
Pressure Pump PAR-Max Pressure Pump PAR-Max
Needs no pressure tank and runs very quietly thanks to the noise and vibration damping rubber feet. Self priming and safe if run dry, it features corrosion resistant construction, integral pulse absorber, quick-clip 12mm hose connectors...
From €81.99
Toilet waste macerator pump Toilet waste macerator pump
This waste pump has an integrated stainless-steel macerator and circuit breaker, which prevents the impeller from dry-running. The motor is fully encapsulated and has 4 blades. Self-priming up to 0.6m vertical lift, the pump can...
Attwood Bilge Pump Attwood Bilge Pump
Robust and highly efficient bilge pump with float containing no mercury. Switches on automatically or can be operated man-ually via test button. Waterproof motor and specially sealed cable connections and motor axle. The motor is cooled...
From €64.95
Compass Bilge Pump Compass Bilge Pump
Dry bilges and improved safety if there is a sudden inrush of water. Every boat needs a bilge pump. Points in favour of an electric bilge pump are total reliability, robust construction and quick and easy operation. The Compass bilge...
From €19.95
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