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Spinlock Lifeline Spinlock Lifeline
Features a snap hook and loop.
Safety Lanyard 3 Hooks DIN 7927 Safety Lanyard 3 Hooks DIN 7927
190cm long, made of 12mm nylon webbing, with three asymmetric carbine hooks.
2-point life line 2-point life line
A 2-point life line that allows sailors to fix themselves to a point on the ship at all times. One end of the 2-point life line is connected to the life belt; forward movement is made possible via the two carabiners. Length: 2 m
Lanyard with ‘Gibb’ type hooks Lanyard with ‘Gibb’ type hooks
Strong safety lanyard with 3 ‘non-tripping’ Gibb style hooks (to EN1095) that can be used single handed but still protect against involuntary open-ing. 2-year guarantee.
Stretch Safety Lanyard Stretch Safety Lanyard
With 3 hooks, one fixed length line of 1m and the other end capable of stretching to 1.5m.
Spinlock Lifeline 3 Hook Spinlock Lifeline 3 Hook
Lifeline with three carabiners to ensure that you never become unclipped. With overload indicator in excess of 500 kg. As per EN1095. Length 2 m.
Lifeline 2 hook stretch Lifeline 2 hook stretch
Safety on board should be one of the most important rules on board. Move safely on deck in all conditions with this lifeline featuring two hooks.
Lifeline Spinlock Lifeline Spinlock
With this lifeline with its two patent hooks and a 2m long stretch line as well as a 1m long normal line and end loop, you are always solidly connected to the boat. Weight: 420g
Atlantik Y safety rope Atlantik Y safety rope
Tested for many boats, universally applicable and developed in cooperation with the editorial office of Yacht. The Y safety line with its total length of 15 m can be adjusted individually at each end with a special catch. For safe...
Jackstay Jackstay
Hook into the lifeline and do not fall overboard in bad weather. The yellow polyester belt (2 pcs. without shackle) is 30mm wide and has a breaking strength of 2,000 DaN. With 2 loops.
(€19.48 / 1 Stück)
From €38.95
Safeolina Safeolina
The set consists of a 12 metre length of polyester webbing (2,5 cm wide, 2 tonnes breaking strain), a high-grade stainless shackle and special “Krokolina“ quick release for optimum length adjustment.