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CP Sailing Full-Sight Sextant CP Sailing Full-Sight Sextant
A quality sextant from Cassens & Plath with 153 mm silluminated arc and Galileo telescope for high sensitivity, micrometer and vernier. Seawater-resistant aluminium construction with all accessories, certificate and wooden case.
Davis Mark 25 Sextant Davis Mark 25 Sextant
Same spec as the Mark 15 but with a patented mirror system that allows a view of the horizon and heavens in the same field. 178 mm sarc scale and LED lighting.
Bobby Schenk Sextant Bobby Schenk Sextant
A sextant for the discerning navigator, with all-view mirror, 4 x 40 telescope for reliable star sights and azimuth angle measurements, glare-free illumination of reading on graduated arc and drum screw. Handle with inscribable film....