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FSE Robline Rio FSE Robline Rio
From €1.60
Polyamide 8 Polyamide 8
From €0.35
Compass mooring line Compass mooring line
(€1.66 / 1 Meter)
From €9.95
3-strand twisted rope 3-strand twisted rope
(€0.99 / 1 Meter)
From €5.95
FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo
(€1.83 / 1 Meter)
From €10.95
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Polyamide 8 Polyamide 8
Very good and handy all-purpose line with long service life. Made from 8-braid polyamide.
From €0.35
Stretch Cord Stretch Cord
Use practically anywhere! Very elastic stretch cord made of branded rubber with excellent stretch characteristics. Outer sheath of abrasion-resistant high strength polyester. Colour: white with blue/yellow threads.
From €0.90
FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo
The FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo’s PES sheath is responsible for this rope's high functionality. It is UV-resistant, elastic and offers good grip. Length: 40 cm with eye splice. Available in various models.
(€2.49 / 1 Meter)
From €14.95
FSE Robline Rio FSE Robline Rio
The FSE Robline� Polyester Rio is a kink-free mooring line with a high breaking load and good stretch characteristics. Very UV-resistant and easy to splice. A classic!
From €1.50
Liros Squareline PA Liros Squareline PA
The Liros Squareline is an 8-braid mooring line and anchor line with very high elongation. - 8-braid - Spliceable - Very high elongation - UV-stabilised - 100% brand polyamide
From €23.95
Liros Squareline PP Liros Squareline PP
The Liros Squareline PP is a very handy, lightweight line for use as a mooring line, land line or tow line. It is very strong, floats and is UV-stabilised. - Operating elongation: <15% - Very handy and lightweight - Floating material -...
From €19.95
Liros Moorex Special Liros Moorex Special
Liros quality braided warps made from strong multifilament polypropylene for good abrasion resistance in black with a red tracer thread. A 30cm spliced loop in one end and whipping at the other. Supplied as a set of 2.
(€2.30 / 1 Meter)
From €22.95
Liros Handy Elastic Liros Handy Elastic
Strong abrasion resistant stretch warps from Liros. Nylon construction with a tough outer sheath suitable for all craft. Available in white with red/black tracer, a 30cm spliced loop in one end and a whipping at the other. Supplied as a...
(€3.00 / 1 Meter)
From €29.95
Liros PES Squareline Liros PES Squareline
Suitable as warp or anchor rode that’s also really nice to use. Does not kink, easy to splice or fix to a chain leader for fixing to the anchor.
From €2.00
Liros Polyester Ropes Liros Polyester Ropes
Classic 3-plait polyester line for warps and anchoring. Easy to splice, abrasion resistant with high breaking strain and not prone to hardening. Thermo-set.
From €1.10
FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo
The FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo is a white mooring rope made from 3-strand twisted polyester with good stretch and abrasion properties. The twisted rope means that the mooring lines hold the boat securely. The UV-resistant material...
(€1.83 / 1 Meter)
From €10.95
Mooring Spring Mooring Spring
Until now mooring lines have always had to be laboriously threaded through mooring springs… This one can be used when the boat is already tied up to the pontoon. There is a shackle at each end of the spring which attaches to the mooring...
From €44.95
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