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Sail-Trim Disc Sail-Trim Disc
Unique easy-to-read scale makes the complex interplay of wind and waves quick and easy to assess. Enables you to assess the 12 most important trim angles. [German language only.] Ø: 29cm
Map magnifying glass Map magnifying glass
High-quality design. With biconvex glass lens. Ø 6.5 cm, enlargement 3x.
Parallel Ruler 38cm Parallel Ruler 38cm
360°-1° nautical scale completely surrounded by a reversed scale. Made from acrylic.
Ecobra Plotter Ecobra Plotter
With 360° protractor, additional compass points and scale markings for 1:50,000 and 1:200,000. Made from 1.6mm of tough shatterproof acrylic.
Navigational Instrument Kit Navigational Instrument Kit
Contains: dividers, navigational triangle (25 cm), and a plotter.
Set square Set square
Made from 3-mm transparent plexiglass, no divisions, fits navigational triangle with hanging eyelet, screw-on handle and placement studs to protect charts.
From €6.95
Navigational triangle Navigational triangle
Made from 3-mm transparent plexiglass, screw-on handle, angle division: 360°-1°, 2-colour numbering, white background, hanging eyelet and placement studs to protect charts, hypotenuse divided 1 mm with zero in the centre.
From €6.95
Marine Dividers Marine Dividers
Heavy traditional brass, coated to resist seawater. 18 cm long capable of spanning up to 25 cm. Supplied with storage pouch.
Single Handed Dividers Single Handed Dividers
Original English design in solid brass, coated to resist seawater. 19 cm long with a span of 23 cm. Supplied with storage pouch