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Motorsailing cone Motorsailing cone
Assembled from 2 interlocking plastic elements. Length: 47cm
Anchor ball Anchor ball
Assembled from 2 interlocking plastic elements. Ø 31cm
String of flags String of flags
10 metre string of signal flags and pennants in 20 x 30 cm format.
€109.99 €99.99 You save 9%
German Land (state) flags German Land (state) flags
20 x 30cm format. 100% polyester, tear-resistant, extremely durable, colourfast and UV resistant.
From €6.99
Mahogany Flagstaff Mahogany Flagstaff
Fitted with a small cleat at the base for securing the halyard.
From €34.99
Flagstaff holder Flagstaff holder
Aluminium. Inclined at approx. 10°.
From €14.99
Flagstaff holder with clamp Flagstaff holder with clamp
For mounting on 25mm dia. pushpit or pulpit rails. Stainless steel.
National flags/Courtesy flag National flags/Courtesy flag
Sailing to another country you should hoist the national flag of the host country below the starboard yardarm or crosstrees. 100% washable polyester.
From €4.95
Flagstaff pine Flagstaff pine
Made of Scots pine with varnished mahogany finial and cleat on the foot. 40 cm long with eye.
From €29.95
Flagstaff Mount Flagstaff Mount
Screw on at an angle of 10°.
From €13.95
Flagstaff Mount Flagstaff Mount
For mounting on guard rail diameter 25 mm.
Flag set Flag set
Complete set of 40 international signal flags. 30 x 20cm. Nylon, stowed in flag roll.
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