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SunWare FOX-MD1 remote display SunWare FOX-MD1 remote display
The FOX-MD1 is a remote display for various FOX units. The remote display can be easily connected to the FOX unit with the ready-to-use cable. The two-line display with 20 characters means that it is easy to read the data measured by the...
SunWare FOX-360 solar charge controller SunWare FOX-360 solar charge controller
The FOX-360 is a solar charge controller for 2 battery systems and module currents up to 20 A. It is suitable for AGM, GEL and lead-acid batteries. A graphic, illuminated LCD display is integrated into the controller. It is possible to...
SunWare FOX-320 solar charge controller SunWare FOX-320 solar charge controller
The FOX-320 is a solar charge controller for 2 battery systems and module currents up to 20 A, suitable for AGM, gel and lead acid batteries. Consumers can be connected up to a current consumption of 20 A maximum. The optimised charge...
SunWare FOX-260Li controller SunWare FOX-260Li controller
Lithium series charge controller FOX controller for LiFe(Y)PO4 batteries The advantages of lithium-based (here exclusively the LiFe(Y)PO4 chemistry) battery systems include: - 2-3 energy density compared to lead-based systems -...
Miniature charge controller Miniature charge controller
State-of-the-art miniature charge controller for 12 V and 24 V solar systems. 100 W solar power at 12 V, 200 W solar power at 24 V. With LED indicators. Includes 1-m 2x1, 5 mm2 with SureSeal connector on end. This means that any module...
Solara M series Solara M series
The modules of the Solara M series are equipped with an extremely resilient front and back sheet and can withstand people walking on them if on a solid surface. The embedding of the cells is seawater-resistant. The number of cells has...
From €239.99
SunWare Plug & Play solar modules SunWare Plug & Play solar modules
SunWare Plug & Play solar modules - simply fold out, plug in and you�re done. No installation needed. 12V power outlet or cigarette lighter sufficient. Controller integrated in cable. Made in Germany. Plug & Play Module product features-...
From €679.99
Compass Fibreglass Solar Modules Compass Fibreglass Solar Modules
Recharge your batteries with solar energy and become less dependent on a mooring with electricity. A very light 12 V solar panel, equipped with two waterproof MC4 connectors. The module offers up to 10% flexibility: you can walk on it...
From €169.99
Solara Power M series Solara Power M series
The Solara Power M series has been specifically designed for long-term use under extreme conditions such as heat and humidity. The products are the number one on the market in terms of performance, flexibility and their ability to...
From €899.99
Torqeedo travel solar charger (50 W) Torqeedo travel solar charger (50 W)
Torqeedo travel solar charger (50 W). Foldable solar panel supplying 50W, high-performance crystalline solar cells. Dimensions: 60 x 38 cm (folded). Includes bag for easy transport and storage. Watertight plug-&-play connection for...
Compass Solar Aluflex Compass Solar Aluflex
Onboard solar modules increase your energy independence, as they ensure automatic battery recharging, even if you are away from dry land for a long time. The Compass solar modules are flexible, can be placed on deck and can withstand...
From €189.95
Compass Solar Module Compass Solar Module
Clean and easy charging of your 12 V batteries with Compass solar modules. The toughened glass can withstand the worst weather conditions. Strong aluminium frame, completely non-rusting. Compass solar modules can be hung on the guard...
From €19.95
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