Rectifiers are voltage converters that convert 230 V alternating current into 12 or 24 V direct current. This allows electrical devices that only work with direct voltage to be operated via the 230 V mains. Rectifiers for sailing yachts, motorboats or camping allow the connection of electrical devices that operate on 12 V direct current to the 230 V mains.

Power rectifiers convert the AC voltage into DC voltage. On board, for example, a mobile refrigerator can be connected, as well as notebooks, mobile phones, radios and corresponding chargers. A 230 V supply line via shore power, generator or wind generator is required. High-quality power converters transform the 230 V input voltage into a stable direct current output voltage with which even sensitive electrical devices on board can be operated. Harmful voltage fluctuations should be ruled out.

rectifiers are the better and safer alternative to the 12 V connection via the cigarette lighter. Rectifiers from Compass therefore have a reliable construction and the quality of well-known brand manufacturers and are designed for durability. Good cooling of the rectifier protects it from overheating during prolonged operation. All devices are marked with the GS and CE test mark. Rectifiers are indispensable for the convenient supply of electrical appliances on board, they are compact, quiet and safe.

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