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Fire blanket Fire blanket
Made of silicon-coated glass fibre fabric, approved in acc. with DIN EN 1869:2001, heat-resistant up to 550°C. Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm In a compact hard box.
Nautisave First Aid Box Nautisave First Aid Box
Made of impact-resistant ABS. A rubber seal and the hinged cover protect the contents from moisture. Includes a complete first aid kit and first aid instructions in 6 languages.Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 11cm.
First aid box "Sailing" First aid box "Sailing"
First-aid package, compiled especially for sailors who have to rely on immediate self-care. Extensive, high-quality content like wound dressings, quick-fix splints, rescue blankets, respiration aids and much more. Made of ABS plastic...
Yachtcare Leak Hero Yachtcare Leak Hero
Yachtcare Leak Hero prevents water penetration and leaks in all materials within seconds. It can even be used below the waterline. Sealant is applied by hand and pressed in. Contents: 625 ml.
(€39.98 / 1 Liter)
Automatic ABC powder extinguisher Automatic ABC powder extinguisher
Permanent pressure extinguisher with ABC multi-purpose dry chemical powder. Aluminium container with nickel-plated brass valve, manometer and metal mount. Automatic triggering when the temperature rises above 79°C. With CE and MED...
GC100 gas checker GC100 gas checker
Using ultrasound, the GC100 gas checker can read the gas level in a matter of seconds. For all steel and aluminium gas cylinders Ø 20 - 35 cm. Explosion protection tested. Weight: 25 g.
CO2 Fire Extinguisher 2 kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher 2 kg
CO2 is a residue-free quenching agent and is therefore often used in spaces where there are electronics or hygiene re-quirements. Also highly suitable for use in boats. For use in A, B, C and D classification fires.Weight: 5.4 kg. Size:...
MINOX Deck Surveillance Camera MINOX Deck Surveillance Camera
With its ease of use and unobtrusive appearance, the MINOX DTC390 surveillance camera provides a simple and effective means of monitoring your deck, including when you’re not around. A motion sensor allows the camera to react to changes...
Boarding Ring Boarding Ring
Boarding Ring These glasses were developed to treat travel sickness and seasickness. There are no contraindications or side-effects. • Boarding Ring only to be used where seasickness or travel sickness occur• Can also be used over...
Gloria Fire Extinguisher Gloria Fire Extinguisher
Meets DIN EN 3 for type A, B and C fires. Approved and tested by TÜV/GS.• safe, one-handed operation• intermittent use is possible• scratch and corrosion-resistant container• brass fittings with impact-resistant plastic top• pressure...
From €29.99
Automatic ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher Automatic ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher
Once the temperature (eg. in the engine room) reaches over 79ºC, this ABC powder extinguisher will operate automatically to put out all types of fire. Nitrogen/helium propellant. 2.8kg when full. Lasts 10 secs over 1.5m range. Supplied...
Mobile safe "Hamburger Kasten" Mobile safe "Hamburger Kasten"
Safe and mobile safe that can be installed in any corner, whether reclined, standing, lateral or suspended thanks to its innovative structure. Made of 3 mm steel, coated with 2K structural coating. Door consisting of 6 mm steel and...
From €169.99
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