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S-biner keychain and bottle-opener S-biner keychain and bottle-opener
A practical combination of an S-biner keychain and a bottle-opener, this stainless steel device is ideal for on-the-go.
Cork Key Ring, Ø: 50 mm Cork Key Ring, Ø: 50 mm
Unsinkable, thanks to its 2" (5cm) diameter cork float.
Compass fender key ring Compass fender key ring
This practical Compass key ring has a mini fender for boat keys. Stainless-steel ring. Dimensions: approx. 32 x100 mm.
Suction Grip Suction Grip
One handed operation allows you to hold onto the hull whilst working or cleaning or lifting windows into place. Useful gadget in soft rubber and strong plastic construction. Diam: 20cm, holds up to 40kg.
Double Suction Grip Double Suction Grip
Double suction pads so double the suction! This holds up to 80kg. 2 separate suction pads. Can also be used as a hull step for getting into the dinghy. And it floats!
Steering wheel key chain Steering wheel key chain
Foam steering wheel. Carries up to 40 g. With Compass print logo.
Victorinox Skipper knife Victorinox Skipper knife
This 17-function knife has you prepared for all contingencies. It combines the typical Victorinox functions with sailing-specific tools like a shackle opener and a marlinspike. It also has a large blade with a serrated edge, a reamer,...
Puma Tec multi-tool Puma Tec multi-tool
The epoxy-coated aluminium handles hold 4 tools on each side, including a knife, screwdriver, saw or file. It comes in a small nylon case. Stable and 100 % rustfree is the multi-tool from high-quality stainless steel. Length (closed):...
Scare-seagull crow Scare-seagull crow
Crows are the natural enemy of many birds. This plastic replica of a crow prevents gulls or other birds settling on your boat.
Monkey's fist Monkey's fist
Maritime key chain with a monkey’s fist knot. It sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to find.
Key Buoy Key Buoy
A little friend in need. This keyring ensures that if your keys should fall into the water they are guaranteed to bob up again. 30 seconds after the KeyBuoy falls into the water the air chamber inflates and carries it back up to the...
Telescope ladder Telescope ladder
Ideal telescope ladder for boat and yacht owners. The low pack size ensures that this ladder can be stored in most lockers on board and of course also in the car on the way to winter storage. A safety mechanism prevents a crushing of...
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