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MP Floating Classic Glasses MP Floating Classic Glasses
The sun doesn’t get under the new Marinepool glasses! The Marinepool Floating Classic sunglasses are the ideal solution for sunny days.The classic design is emphasised by the angular form and trapezoid lenses. The polarised lenses are...
MP Floating Sports Glasses MP Floating Sports Glasses
The Marinepool Floating Sports sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses, and they never sink! The sporting design is emphasised by the rounded form, with the glasses seated closed to the face, protecting the entire eye area. The elongated...
€89.99 €59.99 You save 33%
Gill Kyndance Sunglasses Gill Kyndance Sunglasses
Sunglasses with fully polarized lenses and UV 400 for 100% protection on the water. Very trendy design available in black and brown and universally applicable.
€49.99 €44.99 You save 10%
Julbo Whoops Sunglasses Julbo Whoops Sunglasses
Form specially designed for smaller faces with Spectron, Polarized and self-tinting REACTIV Photochromic lenses. Perfect protection, good vision and secure hold.
From €64.99
Gill Race Fusion Sunglasses Gill Race Fusion Sunglasses
Race Fusion with excellent air circulation. Firm grip and air chambers ensure buoyancy. Polarizing lenses with UV 400 for 100% protection and water-repellent coatings.
€94.99 €89.99 You save 5%
Julbo Powell Julbo Powell
Stylish sunglasses with high-quality workmanship for everyday use. Polarizing lenses for optimal visibility on the water. Hinges with cam return for comfortable and easy resistance when folding the temples out and in. Weight: 25 g.
From €59.99
Gill Corona Sunglasses Gill Corona Sunglasses
Floating sunglasses with good UV protection and 100% anti-glare polarized lenses for special use on the water. Best vision without disturbing reflections.
€59.99 €54.99 You save 8%
Gill Race sunglasses Gill Race sunglasses
These floating sunglasses have a hydrophobic, oleophobic coating, which repels water, salt residues and fats. The fact that they are 100% glare-free and have UV-protection makes them ideal for use on the water.
HH glasses strap HH glasses strap
Made from hard-wearing elastic neoprene. Floats.
Compass Sunglasses, Buoyant Compass Sunglasses, Buoyant
The special photochromic lens lighten up to category 2 under adverse light conditions and darken again to category 3 when exposed to the sun. A special manufacturing method ensures that the glasses have enough buoyancy to float in both...
Gill sunglasses Classic Gill sunglasses Classic
Good eye protection on the water is essential for every water sports enthusiast. The very light and polarising sunglasses by Gill features temples padded on the inside. A rubber with nosepiece protects from unwanted sliding of the glasses.
Julbo Capstan Julbo Capstan
Ideal companion for water sports enthusiasts on all seas and inland waterways. Light and compact, the sunglasses perfectly enclose the face shape. Curved temples ensure a secure hold. Equipped with polarizing lenses for an optimal view...
From €99.99
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