Deck fittings on motorboats and sailing yachts are exposed to high stresses and strains, both from mechanical stress and from climate, UV radiation and salt water. Therefore, always choose deck fittings from well-known manufacturers who use high-quality materials and solid constructions. As a specialist for boat accessories, Compass offers a comprehensive range of deck fittings in first-class brand quality.

A wide range of first-class deck fittings at compass24!

deck fittings such as cleats on deck for mooring lines or on the mast for halyards are available in a wide variety of designs and materials. Please make sure that the aluminium boat fittings are seawater-resistant anodised quality for boat fittings. Boat accessories and fittings made of aluminium are usually fastened with stainless steel screws, the two materials should be insulated from each other due to galvanic corrosion. Compass offers a wide range of stainless steel cleats, belaying cleats, lip cleats and bollards.

The fixing of Strong deck fittings must be carried out very carefully and elaborately. Fittings such as cleats for mooring lines and eye bolts for picking lifelines, for example, must be able to absorb high horizontal and vertical forces without putting strain on the deck. Hairline cracks in the gelcoat around cleats, winches and eye bolts are signs of excessive stress on the deck structure at certain points. For this reason, highly stressed decorative fittings such as the foundations of winches should be lined with large-area panels made of stainless steel, aluminium or waterproof wood. The following generally applies to bollards, clamps, lip clamps, eye plates and belaying clamps: the larger the base plate and the area of the foot, the more stable and force-locked is the fastening of deck fittings. Boat fittings such as eyebolts, deck eyes and deck plates should also be bonded with elastic sealing compound to prevent leaks via the screw holes. Eyebolts and U-bolts with waterproof rubber collar save additional sealing.

Winches are a significant cost factor with boat accessories, but they are indispensable for sailing. Only with sufficiently dimensioned winches is an optimal sail trim possible. The size of sheet winches depends on the rig type, size and weight of the boat. In borderline cases, choose a winch with the higher power transmission. Compass, as a speciality for high-quality boat accessories and deck fittings, offers you a large selection of winches from well-known manufacturers, which have proven themselves in function and quality on yachts. Electric winches enable effortless sail trim at the push of a button, and with powerful and compact drives, many manual winches can be upgraded.

When it comes to deck fittings and boat accessories on deck, you can rely on the extensive experience of Compass when it comes to high-grade brand quality in function and material.

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