The power generation on board of a boat or yacht with engine is unproblematic during the journey. Similar to the car and motorbike, the engine charges the battery on board, the alternator provides the power supply. If the boat is in port or anchored in the open sea, the battery takes over the power supply. If the mooring time is to be extended beyond the energy supply of the battery, it is helpful if there is a generator on board. Boats that do not have an engine anyway can still use a power generator to operate electronic devices on board.

Powerful generators

The generator can often be started with a wire rope hoist. As the operation is mostly done with petrol, it is important to check the fuel tank capacity carefully before starting the journey. The fuel must be sufficient. Electricity generators supply a voltage of 230 V and a power of 850 to a maximum of 2,000 watts. A low noise level makes operation pleasant.

Power generation with wind power

There are also power generators that work as wind turbines. The wind generator is attached to the boat and produces electricity during the trip. Even quite low wind forces are sufficient to produce 10 watts of electricity. Wind turbines can be combined with conventional power generators on large boats.

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