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Compass Power Generator Compass Power Generator
The Compass Power Generator provides stable power and a pure sinusoidal signal for a high-quality power supply, with the AC current’s frequencies being strictly controlled by an alternator. Smaller and lighter than many similar models. A...
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Compass Power Generator Retro Compass Power Generator Retro
Do you need a power supply that provides quality power and is small and portable? This power generator with automatic shut-off and a reset button is very easy to use. It supplies a pure sinusoidal signal with the voltage and frequencies...
S700-E 12V Wind Turbine S700-E 12V Wind Turbine
Produce 10 W power with a wind of just 3 m/s and relieve your battery when you are not connected to a shore power connection. The complete set - a 400 WP wind generator and a 12V DC voltage converter - is extremely efficient, thanks to...