Halyard Bag
from £54.99
Helly Hansen Roller bag Travel case 100 l black
from £179.99 £239.99
Marinepool SE Classic Wheeled Bag
Gill »Jumbo« roller bag 115 l black
Gill roll bag 90L Cargo
from £146.99 £159.99
Marinepool Team Tec Foldable Bag 90 L
Musto Backpack
from £89.99
Aquapac Jumbo Bag
from £62.99
Marinepool AQ Wash Bag
from £32.99 £39.99
Marinepool Cabin Troley 35 L
from £109.99 £129.99
HH Duffel Bag 2.0
from £89.99
Roller bag 85 L
from £73.99
Sailing bag 30 L
from £31.99

The classic duffel bag has lost nothing of its suitability for transport and boarding. Made of robust material, its carrying capacity is hard to beat. It has no rigid parts such as fixed bottoms, poles or roller construction, and can therefore be folded and stowed away very small as the ideal board bag. This leaves more space in the cabin. A modern duffel bag not only offers a sporty design, but also a lot of packing comfort. A separate compartment for wet things and shoes is integrated, and outside pockets hold the utensils that need to be quickly accessible on the journey. As it has no zips, it is waterproof all round.

Specially coated fabrics, electro-welded seams and the special duffel bag closure are just as waterproof and keep everything dry even in continuous rain. Two padded carrying straps also make the duffel bag into an easy to carry backpack that can be shouldered quickly and comfortably. The straps can be adjusted in length so that the optimum carrying comfort can always be achieved, depending on weight and height. Another advantage: a duffel bag can be machine washed without any problems, as it fits into any washing drum. You will find attractive duffel bags in excellent brand quality at Compass24.

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