Wheel steering


A wheel pilot is a useful addition to almost any boat - regardless of whether you prefer relaxed leisure cruising or are an ambitious regatta sailor. The autopilot is uncomplicated to install and takes control of the yacht or sailboat at the push of a button. All you have to do is enter the course and the autopilot system follows it and corrects the course automatically.

The wheel pilot steers the wheel via an electrically driven toothed belt. The autopilot gets its data from the compass and GPS data. External data sources such as a wind sensor can also be integrated to align the course according to the wind.

Cycle pilots from Raymarine and other manufacturers

In the Compass online shop you will find autopilots from leading manufacturers such as Raymarine and Garmin, including many models in the Raymarine Evolution Autopilot series. The devices can be easily installed above or below deck. Even a time-consuming calibration process is no longer necessary with many modern wheel pilots.

The autopilot system is conveniently operated via a separate display on which you can set and correct the course for your sailboat. If the situation demands that you quickly take over the helm again yourself, the wheel pilot can be switched off at the touch of a button. You enjoy the greatest possible comfort on your boat and can react flexibly to any change.

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