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Two-Flame Gas Stove Two-Flame Gas Stove
Stove for installation with two-flame stove with glass top. Niro on the inside and thermal glass door. Suitable for semi-gimbal mounting or permanent installation. Burner: 1x small 1000 W & 1x large 1750 W Oven power: 1900 W with 30 l...
€599.99 €479.99 You save 20%
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Mini gas oven + 4 gas cartridges in a set
€209.98 €189.98 You save 10%
Eno Gas Stove The One Eno Gas Stove The One
Semi-gimbal-mounted gas cooker with 2 flames with ignition safety and CE and DVGW approval. Additional pot holders are included for use on board. The 25l interior of the oven is enamelled without grill. The burners provide 1,75kW and...
€739.99 €579.99 You save 22%
Techimpex Gas Oven Techimpex Gas Oven
The most popular leisure marine cooker for sailing and motor- boats with a two burner top and stainless steel construction. The oven features a double glazed front for extra insulation and a special enamelled interior for self cleaning....
Gas bottle valve butane gas Gas bottle valve butane gas
for connection to butane bottles with a volume of up to 3 kg (e.g. Campingaz®). The brass valve can be opened and closed, with safety relief valve. Type-tested and approved
Low pressure regulator PS 16, angled 90° Low pressure regulator PS 16, angled 90°
The Level 1 Performance version (Type EN61) has a pressure relief valve with a response pressure of 150 mbar. A pressure relief line can be installed on the pipe socket (8 mm). The Level 3 Performance version (Type EN61) has a...
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Low-pressure regulator Low-pressure regulator
for connecting to gas bottles and pressure regulation of the rated pressure of the gas appliance. With safety relief valve, venting plug and manometer. In acc. with the DGR. 50 mbar.
Regulator Valve Regulator Valve
For boats with installed LPG or CNG gas systems. This stainless steel and brass regulator system is installed on the low pressure side of the main regulator.
Truma Remote Gas Switch Truma Remote Gas Switch
How many times have you got into bed and forgotten to turn the gas off? No more prancing round the cockpit in your jim-jams with this safe and useful kit! Easy to install on any conventional gas installation with a 1/4” threaded gas...
Eno ‘Le Gascogne’ Gas Oven Eno ‘Le Gascogne’ Gas Oven
For serious students of the culinary art! The oven is made with a heat resisting enamel liner, grid shelf, side flame guards, corrosion resistant pan holder and manual door lock. Volume: 26ltr. Overall performance: 1.8kw @ 30mbar. Heat...
€969.00 €699.99 You save 28%