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Jackstay Jackstay
Hook into the lifeline and do not fall overboard in bad weather. The yellow polyester belt (2 pcs. without shackle) is 30mm wide and has a breaking strength of 2,000 DaN. With 2 loops.
(€18.48 / 1 Stück)
From €36.95
Rescue ladder Rescue ladder
Rescue ladder with grip and bag. The nylon straps are connected with 5 plastic steps to form a ladder of 145cm. The width is 26cm.
Safeolina Safeolina
The set consists of a 12 metre length of polyester webbing (2,5 cm wide, 2 tonnes breaking strain), a high-grade stainless shackle and special “Krokolina“ quick release for optimum length adjustment.
Lifesling II Lifesling II
The life sling is used to rescue a person that went overboard. Its safe use is described in detail on the pouch. The pouch consists of polypropylene, the sling of vinyl. The 38m long lifeline is contained in the delivery. Breaking load:...
Replacement pouch Lifesling II Replacement pouch Lifesling II
Robust spare pouch for Lifesling II.
Hufeisen life buoy Hufeisen life buoy
Lifebuoy in classic horseshoe shape. The inner material consists of foam and is covered with tough PVC on the outside. The seams are welded. The buoyancy of the lifebuoy is 15 kg.
Set Hufeisen life buoy Set Hufeisen life buoy
The lifebuoy above with a floatable rescue light and a stainless steel mount.
Rescue Buoy Rescue Buoy
Fast rescue out of the water with ready lifeline and Solas permanent light. Bearing capacity 15 kg, UV-resistant cover made of cloth, 40 m line with a bearing capacity of up to 400 kg. Incl. attachment for installation on pushpit. 2-year...
Lifebuoy Lifebuoy
Traditional red and white ring with grab-ropes. Very light styrofoam inner for good buoyancy and a welded weather-resistant PVC cover (also easy to sign write). Ø: 65cm.
Compass Rescue Sling Compass Rescue Sling
Sailing around the casualty allows him to grab the floating line which is fastened to the boat. The foam-filled sling acts as a life ring, and as tension is applied, the sling closes to hold the casualty so you can haul him aboard. The...
Floating rope Floating rope
Safety line for use in recovery with small sea anchors or life-buoys. Plaited with nylon grips. 30m, 0.8 cm.
(€0.43 / 1 Meter)
Liros Nautic Towline Liros Nautic Towline
Floating rope for towing or as a waterski line. Very light, easily handled and buoyant. 8-plait twist in UV stabilised polypropylene multifilament.
(€0.83 / 1 Meter)
From €24.99
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