Boarding platforms


A bathing platform makes it easier for you to get into the water as soon as you stop for a swim with your yacht. You can also use the standing area for lounging or jumping into the sea. The bowsprit is an equally popular spot for sunbathers. It is firmly attached to the hull of the sailboat and juts out over the bow. Just as well, the bowsprit can serve you as an anchor hold.

High-quality bathing platforms with teak panels

In our range, for example, choose a bathing platform with a stand made of polished teak. The tropical type of wood looks beautifully noble and thus enhances the ambience on your boat. Furthermore, our bathing platforms are equipped with brackets made of stainless steel. This makes the metal parts ideal for constant contact with water. By the way, the bathing platform is also available in the mini version from NIRO. If you want to save space or have a small boat, this is the right choice.

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