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Vaavud smartphone wind meter Vaavud smartphone wind meter
The Vaavud wind meter is made from high-quality, solid, unbreakable plastic. The maintenance-free low-friction bearings ensure that even the lowest wind speeds can be measured precisely. The free app displays the data in m/s, km/h, mp/h...
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CLIPPER Navtex Receiver 518/490 CLIPPER Navtex Receiver 518/490
Specially developed for small boats drawing only 50 mA (100 mA with back-light). Using an 8 line LCD display it requires no expensive paper rolls, but stores 200 lines of memory. Will receive all new stations as they come on-line....
Weather info boxes Weather info boxes
Exact knowledge of the current and coming weather is far more important than many water sports enthusiasts know. Not only regatta sailors need this information in order to select the right sails or the optimum course, but also and...
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Diva Radio Weather Station Diva Radio Weather Station
Keep informed with this wireless weather station. Outside temperature can be sent from up to 3 sensors from up to 100m away. Displays inside temperature (0°C to +50°C), outside temperature (-30°C to +60°C), humidity, max/min functions,...
NASA Target Weather Receiver DWD (German Weather Service) 147 NASA Target Weather Receiver DWD (German...
NASA Target Weather Receiver DWD (German Weather Service) 147, German-language sea weather receiver on 147.3 kHz. Guaranteed message reception for a radius of 300 sm of Pinneberg. Shipping forecasts can be cached on the device for...
NASA Clipper mount NASA Clipper mount
For Navtext, Weaterman, Meteoman
NASA MeteoMan NASA MeteoMan
A reliable weather station that can display weather data for up to 5 days. With the wind sensor that is available as an option it can also display wind data. • Barometer function• pressure • temperature • clock 12/24 hour display • race...
SkyWatch Windoo weather station SkyWatch Windoo weather station
The SkyWatch Windoo is a keychain weather station for iPhone and Android devices. It features state-of-the-art, Swiss-made sensors for fast and accurate measurements. It comes in an anodized aluminium housing and features a precision...