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Shroud Tension Meter Shroud Tension Meter
Cast stainless steel.
From €199.95
Tercoo Discs Tercoo Discs
The rotating diffuser disc removes rust, paint, tar, epoxy, varnish or adhesives from all kinds of materials - steel, iron and other metals and even stone and concrete. The result is a perfectly prepared surface all ready for application...
From €34.95
Wichard Offshore knife Wichard Offshore knife
The Wichard Offshore knife has a shackle key and spike and stays sharp in all conditions. Designed for sailing and for highly demanding skippers, the Offshore knife offers a range of essential functions on-board a boat: Cutting quality,...
Wichard Aquaterra Knife Wichard Aquaterra Knife
The Aquaterra is the essential knife for watersports such as fishing, motorboating and kayaking, as well as land-based outdoor sports, such as hiking. The stainless-steel blade offers excellent cutting quality and optimum corrosion...
Sailor's pocket knife Sailor's pocket knife
Single-hand knife for sailors with a quality steel blade. Handle made of pakka wood in a stainless steel frame. Ergonomic shape with partial serration to be able to cut e.g. a thick rope. Delivery includes a belt clip.
Vacuum Scraper Vacuum Scraper
Remove paint, antifouling and other coatings without leaving a mess! Supplied with a rubber connector to fit to the vacuum cleaner. The toughened steel blade can be turned round for extra life.
Spinlock Emergency Knife Spinlock Emergency Knife
In the event of an emergency you can use the Spinlock knife to cut halyards, ropes or your lifeline to escape life-threatening situations.
Sea Searcher Magnet Sea Searcher Magnet
Specs, keys, lighter, tools, over the side at some time or another! Keep a Sea Searcher on board and its magnet will trawl up all sorts of things, even your bicycle. Lifts up to 64 kg (but don’t stow it too near your compass!).
Sailor’s Pocket Knife Sailor’s Pocket Knife
Sailor’s knife: large blade and lockable mar-line spike in a practical design. Made in stainless steel, handle finished with light metal casing. With conical shaped shackle opener, variable for different sized shackles. Length when open:...
Leatherman Supertool 300 Leatherman Supertool 300
An essential aid for on board, at home or out and about. The ultra compact powerpack with the strongest pliers that Leatherman has ever made, which generate sufficient torque for even the most difficult jobs. The special shape of the...
LIROS Splicing Kit LIROS Splicing Kit
Premium splicing kit for both the sailing pro and for the technically sophisticated leisure sailor with LIROS splicing tools and accessories for all known yacht lashing constructions. Includes: 1 x whipping needle; 1 x rope fid; 3 x...
63mm Paint Scraper 63mm Paint Scraper
Two interchangeable convex blades enable surfaces to be stripped quickly and evenly. Specially hardened steel for extreme durability.
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