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Bügel Anchor Bügel Anchor
Even the best anchor is no use if it doesn't hold. A good anchor is important if you don't know what the bottom is like. This universal anchor has outstanding holding power. Made in hot-galvanised steel.
From €69.95
Kobra Anchor Kobra Anchor
Regular test winner in European yachting journals - the Kobra anchor. Its wide flukes and weighted tip guarantee rapid setting and a good hold. Made of galvanized steel. Models up to 10 kg have a patented folding shank while models over...
From €64.95
Delta Anchor Delta Anchor
The Delta Anchor is renowned for digging in quickly even in difficult floors. Its unique shape gives it a low centre of gravity. Made in tough manganese steel, the Delta Anchor has a lifetime guarantee against breakage and is Lloyd's...
From €109.95
Plough Anchor Plough Anchor
It fits snugly at the bow roller and has excellent holding qualities. Specially developed for use in anchorages with heavy seaweed growth, the sharp flukes dig deeply into the bottom. The plough anchor holds well under varying load...
From €39.95
Plough Anchor, stainless steel Plough Anchor, stainless steel
made of high quality polished stainless steel. Digs in quickly and reliably on a sandy or muddy bottom. Can be relied on to dig itself in again if the boat swings round.
From €189.95
Danforth anchor, stainless steel Danforth anchor, stainless steel
High retention power with a low anchor weight and small dimensions. Grips especially firm in sand, gravel and mud. Also suited as a second anchor or for smaller boats.
From €159.95
Rocna® anchor Rocna® anchor
The Rocna® anchor has been designed and produced for maximum holding force on all anchorages. It is made from high-quality steel and has no moving parts. Every Rocna® anchor is unique and is a purchase that will last the entire life of...
From €169.95
Compass Deta anchor Compass Deta anchor
The Compass Delta anchor has wide flukes and no moving parts. It combines a plough anchor and a panel anchor. It digs in easily and has a high holding power, even on difficult surfaces. Made from galvanised steel. Available from 5 kg.
From €39.99
Aluminium Anchor Aluminium Anchor
High tensile aluminium/magnesium alloy has about the same strength as steel but weighs around half. With a suitable scope of chain or weighted line the Aluminium Anchor is quite capable as a bow anchor, but it really comes into its own...
From €139.95
Flat Anchor Flat Anchor
The thin 'geodynamically' designed flukes have sharpened edges to increase the digging potential for easy burial and perfect holding. The one-piece forged shank is capable of resisting a strong lateral pull and the narrow triangular...
From €9.95
Danforth-style Anchor Danforth-style Anchor
This type of anchor has proved itself as a multipurpose anchor, even under difficult conditions. Despite its light weight, its design gives it enormous holding power. The balls at the end of the stock prevent snagging and encourage the...
From €19.95
Folding Grapnel Folding Grapnel
Useful not only on small boats but also as a combined kedge and drag hook for finding all those things that go over the side (like outboard motors!). Also good for untangling twisted mooring lines or mooring the dinghy. Easy to stow with...
From €7.95
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