Paddles are important for moving inflatable boats, kayaks & co. quickly and easily. Besides the right paddling technique, solid material is particularly important. We also offer paddles with a high grip comfort.

When you buy an inflatable boat paddle or kayak paddle, you should match the selection to the terrain. For an inflatable boat that glides smoothly along a river, you need more power and therefore an inflatable paddle with a large blade.

For white-water rafting with a smaller paddle, the natural water vortex transports you forward. A paddle that you dip alternately into the water - first left, then right - is suitable as a kayak paddle. This will help you to move forward quickly. If you sit at the back of the inflatable, you steer the boat. This works best with a stand-up paddle.

Hold the paddle vertically in the water and turn the blade in the desired direction. To make progress with a canoe or dragon boat, the stand-up paddle is also a suitable model. You can also buy an elegant wooden paddle with a cross-laminated blade tip or an aluminium paddle. The aluminium paddle is somewhat lighter than a wooden paddle and very robust. Both versions are available as stand-up paddles with a practical handle. Make sure you have a space-saving spare paddle in case you lose it!

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