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Uflex trim tabs (set of 2) Uflex trim tabs (set of 2)
High-quality, polished stainless-steel tabs for greater power and boating comfort. Current Lenco or Bennett trim tabs do not require any holes in the transom.
From €99.99
SE Sport 200 hydrofoil SE Sport 200 hydrofoil
The sport hydrofoil allows you to lift your boat out of the water and plane much more quickly, even at low speeds. It also reduces fuel consumption. The Sport hydrofoils is suitable for outboards of 8- 40 hp with a cavitation plate (not...
From €59.99
Ruddersafe Ruddersafe
This accessory offers better performance and safety for outboards. The increased rudder area considerably improves course-holding and steering performance. The boat responds more quickly and precisely to helm movements since the...
From €169.99
Compass propeller protection Compass propeller protection
The ultimate propeller protection. Not only protects swimmers and marine life from the blades but increases low speed steerability and protects the prop from floating ropes and other flotsam. Work boats have used this system for years,...
From €169.95
Uflex electromechanical trim tab kit Uflex electromechanical trim tab kit
When properly set, trim tabs can reduce fuel consumption and increase boating comfort. With this electromechanical trim system, which consists of two electro-support cylinders and a control panel with a joystick, trim your boat to the...
Secondary control panel with joystick Secondary control panel with joystick
Secondary control panel for Uflex electromechanical trim tab kit with simple joystick control. Installation: � 70 mm, incl. 40 cm cable connection.
Rulan Rudder Position Indicator Rulan Rudder Position Indicator
Impossible to tell just by looking at your steering wheel whether it is in the midway position or not. Simply stick this rudder position indicator onto the centre of the wheel and read off the position (Diameter 50 mm, waterproof, helm...
LZ Hydrofoil LZ Hydrofoil
The hydrofoil is attached to either side of the outboard for a higher top speed and faster planing. At low speed the bow is lower in the water and this can lead to a fuel saving of up to 30%. For all outboards over 3 up to 50 HP.
Zip Wake Interceptor Zip Wake Interceptor
The control system from ZIPWAKE improves the rolling behaviour and fuel consumption of a yacht. The dynamic trim control system brings more comfort in all conditions on the water. Unpleasant rolling movements of the boat, which also...
From €399.99