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Echomax active radar reflector Echomax active radar reflector
Active radar reflector that amplifies the occurring radar impulses electronically and sends them back. This makes even small targets better visible for the radar and you increase your own safety on the water. Instead of as of 1-2...
Echomax 230 MO radar reflector Echomax 230 MO radar reflector
Just as large as a fender but a reflective surface of an incredible 24 mu00B2. Even at a slope of 15°, the Echomax 230 still has a reflective surface of 9 mu00B2. Your own radar image thus becomes better visible for commercial shipping...
MOBRI “Magnum” Radar Reflector MOBRI “Magnum” Radar Reflector
has a 4 qmm area that is up to 10 times larger than other comparable reflectors. 6 reflecting panels are stacked at 45° and 25.5° to each other. The cylindrical form creates less wind resistance and it’s easier to hang in the rigging....
Radar reflector, attachable Radar reflector, attachable
Radar reflector for attaching to motorboats. The support plate is first attached on the deck or mast, then the reflector is twisted in. The M3 can be dismantled at any time and does not get in the way. Diameter: 10 cm, Length: 50 cm to...
MOBRI “Medium” Radar Reflector MOBRI “Medium” Radar Reflector
A slightly smaller version offering radar detection where space is at a premium. Length: 55cm, Ø 5.5cm
Plastimo “Stand Model” Radar Reflector Plastimo “Stand Model” Radar Reflector
The same specification as “Medium” but with a bracket mounting.
“Catch-Rain” Aluminium Radar Reflector “Catch-Rain” Aluminium Radar Reflector
Easily collapsible. Stow it away flat in its pouch or hang it up by its eyelets. Ø 30 cm