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Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB
Satellite-assisted maritime salvage via 406 MHz. Your distress signal can be localised anywhere on the globe. Transmission also takes place on the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz and the EPIRB flashes with a bright light. A 50-channel GPS...
From €459.95
Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1
Transmits on 406 MHz to the rescue services, on 121.5 MHz via radio for location on site, as well as on channel 66 with GPS for a fast and exact position determination. The battery has a service life of 7 years, the warranty period is 7...
From €339.95
NICO ‘Signal’ without munitions NICO ‘Signal’ without munitions
Length: 17 cm, Dia: 6 cm, Weight with magazine: 280 g.
NICO Signal with Ammunition NICO Signal with Ammunition
NICO Signal with Ammunition - secured by a lifeline. Includes 6-shot magazine (red). Specifications: Shot height: 80 m, Burn time: approx. 6 sec, Aperture: approx. 10,000 cd, Length: 170 mm, Ø 55 mm, Weight with magazine: 280 g.
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Ship’s Bell Ship’s Bell
Suitable for any boat from 8-20m. Sounds right with its heavy brass construction and clear chimes. Solid brass, turned and polished. Coated to stop tarnishing and supplied with a brass bulkhead/wall mounting bracket and lanyard.
From €39.99
Electric Double Boat Horn Electric Double Boat Horn
By combining a low 410 Hz and high 500 Hz pitch you get a far-reaching and clearly audible sound. Made from chromed brass. Easy installation and wiring to a 12V source. Size: 10.5 x 11cm
Electric Boat Horn Electric Boat Horn
An extremely compact 12V boat horn with strong 410Hz sound that can be mounted nearly anywhere. Made from chromed brass. Size: 10.5 x 11cm
Signal horn Signal horn
Polished brass. Length: 33 cm
Hand-held distress flare Hand-held distress flare
Burning time: 1 minute Luminous intensity white: 2,500 cdLuminous intensity red: 15,000 cd
Emergency pack for coastal waterways Emergency pack for coastal waterways
Consists of 1 waterproof plastic stowage container + 4 hand flares.
Smoke flare Smoke flare
Burn-ing time: 1 minute
Buoyant smoke flare Buoyant smoke flare
(w/o illustration) Floatable, smoke duration 4 minutes.
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