Hot cutters

A hot rope cutter is the perfect solution when it comes to cutting or sealing ropes, lines and ropes made of plastic. The rope cutters for your boat or yacht are also available gas-powered or with a rechargeable battery. These high-quality rope cutters can be used in wind and weather. Even when there is no electricity available. Every hot cutter from our range is heated up within a few seconds.

The classic hot cutters with mains operation reach temperatures of up to 800 °C

The classic for cutting ropes and ropes is a hot cutting device with mains connection. The rope cutters operated with 230 volts reach a temperature of up to 800 °C after a very short time. The lines, ropes and cables are cut, welded and protected against untwisting in a single operation. To ensure that the tips are quickly ready for use again after cooling, we recommend cleaning them with a metal brush. The tips of the cordage cutters can be replaced on almost all models. If you don't have electricity on your boat, a rope cutter that is gas-powered is ideal. Since these modern cordage cutters are equipped with piezo ignition, no lighter or matches are needed. These hot rope cutters work with a butane gas cartridge. A hot cutter with a rechargeable battery is also ideal if you don't have electricity on board.

Cord and rope cutters should always be used away from flammable materials

The hot rope cutters in our range should always be used away from flammable materials. A fireproof base is ideal for cutting. After heating, a hot cutting tool always needs a cooling time of 30 to 60 minutes. Children should not handle a rope cutter.

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