Radio antennas

A good marine radio antenna is at least as important for your boat or yacht as a high-quality radio. With a VHF marine radio antenna, even a modern sailing boat is optimally equipped. Depending on the manufacturer, the antennas are made of high-quality stainless steel, fibreglass or are elastically covered with black rubber.

Through the antenna, you as skipper will be heard by many ships in distress. You will also hear immediately if another ship or boat is in distress and can help. When registering at the next marina, you will also have the best reception.

Sea radio antennas are very important for radio communication at sea

For reachability, a radio antenna can easily be mounted on the roof of the cabin or even on a mast. You can achieve even better reception with the antenna if you connect an amplifier in between. The following applies to every VHF marine radio antenna: the longer the radio antenna for boats, the better the reception.

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