Fixed hull boats


Rigid inflatable boats are inflatable boats that actually have a rigid hull with an air-filled tube running along the top edge. The English term for this sport boat is 'Rigid Inflatable Boat', which literally means 'rigid inflatable boat'. We also know the word rigid in German. This type of inflatable boat is therefore often abbreviated to 'RIB' in specialist circles, following the English designation.

The difference between an inflatable boat and a rigid-hull inflatable boat

Anyone who has ever been out in a normal inflatable boat with a folding hull and outboard motor knows the disadvantages of an inflatable boat at higher speeds.

The rigid hull is of course more stable and offers you excellent driving characteristics - even further out, far from the coast.

The advantages of rigid hull inflatable boats

Because of their sporting qualities, these boats are also popular with sailors as dinghies. For example, to anchor in front of a beautiful sandy beach and to get ashore quickly with the 'RIB'.

However, anglers and other water sports enthusiasts also like to use this sports boat. Many people call the RIB inflatable boats 'the best sports boats ever'. They are relatively light, can be quickly stowed and transported on a car trailer for boats and offer a lot of driving pleasure even off-shore.

The higher speed pick-up also assists all water-skiing enthusiasts, as it is usually 'RIBs' that pull the water-skiing athlete. One advantage is that the boat operator on these boats can quickly see if the water skier is having problems.

Speed and safety

You need a sports boat licence in Germany to drive RIB inflatable boats. This is because the hull of the rigid-hull inflatable boats converges under water in a v-shape to form a keel. This enables fast and smooth sailing - even in rough seas. The pointed keel literally cuts through the waves. Its cutting into the waves enables high speeds and ensures that the boat nevertheless touches down gently in the water. At the same time, the boat always stays in its track.

Some models of rigid hull inflatable boats have special hull designs that raise the hull out of the water at the front. This design allows higher speeds because the boat has less water resistance. At the same time, it consumes less fuel. Speed can be fun, but it is dangerous without experience. This is one of the reasons why you need a recreational boat licence for these boats.

The tube edge

The hose improves the floating characteristics and buoyancy of the rigid hull. The material of the hose consists of several layers welded together, which can also withstand some impacts against stones. The hose is also divided into several chambers so that it can never lose all its air at once. Nevertheless, you should wear life jackets for your safety.

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