Is the necessary comfort provided on board? Compass24 has the ideal complement to the often sparse equipment of yachts. With us you can get the comfortable Kapok cushions, which are ideally suited for use on yachts. Moisture does not affect them so quickly and makes sitting in the cockpit a relaxing experience. An additional railing cushion prevents back pain for the helmsman. mattresses and sleeping systems for use on yachts, particularly well ventilated, warm and with a large selection of sleeping bags and bed linen.

Everything at Compass24! So that you are not exposed to the blazing sun even in summer on the high seas, Compass offers a wide range of sun sails for boats. Furniture on board must meet special requirements. Above all they must not be bulky. Take a look at our offer and you will also find beautiful teakwood furniture that belongs on every terrace or balcony of a water sports enthusiast. On-board bicycles - small, robust and simply beautiful, if you can explore the harbour surroundings with your own bike or if you don't have to carry the shopping from the supermarket with you. Compass offers you visually attractive and easily stowed on board bicycles.

For your trip you will also find a large selection of practical board bags, wheel bags and everything for your bathing fun, like water ski, Sea Scooter, cameras and much more. Air conditioners, heater fans, built-in refrigerators as well as mobile cooling boxes ensure the right climate on board. Also for the equipment of your galley kitchen is well provided. From on-board cookers to maritime tableware, Compass24 has everything you need.