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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of on-board toilets? What should you consider when disposing of and using them? Our guide provides an overview of what to consider when choosing and maintaining an on-board toilet.

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Especially on smaller boats, there is often no permanently installed boat toilet. In addition, smaller boats often lack the space and tanks for fresh water and faeces. Nevertheless, even on a small boat you don't have to do without a 'quiet little toilet'. A toilet that is portable and does not require water for flushing is a good choice here. We recommend either a so-called dry toilet or a chemical toilet, such as those used for camping. These are mobile toilets that can be taken on board and removed again if necessary.

The difference between a chemical toilet and a dry toilet

We offer both classic chemical toilets and dry toilets that are equally portable and can therefore be used flexibly as on-board toilets on your boat. In a chemical toilet, special chemicals are used to decompose faeces and toilet paper, which are also used for flushing. Both are collected together in the tank of the toilet. A dry toilet, on the other hand, does not need any flushing liquid at all. As the name suggests, it works completely dry. For this purpose, liquid and solid matter are separated when the toilet is used and collected in separate containers in each case. The solids fall into a bucket equipped with a bag. This bag also contains a drying substrate. After toileting, the bag closes airtight so that no unpleasant odours arise.

Can be used even in the tightest spaces

You can use a mobile toilet from our range even if space on your boat is very tight. The models we offer are characterised by their particularly compact dimensions and are therefore extremely space-saving. Since they are portable and do not have to be permanently installed, they can also be removed from the boat at any time, for example if they are not needed for shorter trips.

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