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seaEQ Crew Seat (CS) seaEQ Crew Seat (CS)
The seaEQ Crew Seat (CS) features an extremely thin, flexible construction. It provides a warm, comfortable seat for any member of the crew on your yacht. The surfaces can also be used as a back cushion or doubled. The foldable segments...
Cockpit Backrest Cockpit Backrest
Easy to install without drilling using suction pads. Length 55cm.
Back Cushion for Guardrail Back Cushion for Guardrail
Hangs on the guardrail. Fastened with a cord. Length: 55cm
Floating Cushion 85N Floating Cushion 85N
This cushion with 85N buoyancy can also be used as a swimming aid. Made of soft foam covered in a waterproof fabric in a maritime print. Size: 37 x 37 x 5cm.
Kapok Roll Kapok Roll
Visually attractive as well, this kapok roll provides even greater comfort onboard. 47 cm long, a diameter of 20 cm and a filling made of 100% kapok makes it ideal for onboard use. The 100% cotton cover feels soft and comfortable against...
Guard Rail Cushion Guard Rail Cushion
Guard rail cushion filled with 100% capok. Simply ties to the guard rail or pushpit. Non-slip for a comfortable seat. Blue cotton cover.
3-section Kapok Cushion 3-section Kapok Cushion
Kapok seat in 3 sections, ideal for use as a mattress or seat cushion.
Compass Flexi Seat Compass Flexi Seat
So comfortable and practical! The Compass seat is water resistant and has an untreated polyether foam in the core. The bottom is equipped with an additional anti-slide cover, which prevents unintentional sliding back and forth on smooth...
Floating pillow, single Floating pillow, single
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 6.5 cm.
Floating pillow, double Floating pillow, double
Dimensions seat and back cushion: 83 x 40 x 6.5 cm.
Cockpit Cushions Cockpit Cushions
8cm thick and filled with natural kapok which has natural buoyancy and absorbs no water. The cover is made from treated cotton. Dimensions: 40 x 45cm. Price per cushion.
Cockpit Cushion with Back Rest Cockpit Cushion with Back Rest
Even more comfortable! These ones have backs! Also good for lying on deck. Dimensions: 75 x 45cm. Price per cushion.
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