An echo sounder or fish finder is the perfect equipment for your boat if you want to fish on large lakes or on the sea. In addition, fish finders and echo sounders warn you of dangerous obstacles in the water. Customised colour palettes make the display clear and they can also be used in very deep waters. Depending on the water quality and the type of water, a high-quality echo sounder provides good results at water depths of several hundred metres.

Fishfinder and echo sounder also for shallower waters

If you are travelling with your boat on shallower waters or on lakes, a hand-held echo sounder with LCD display is usually sufficient for fishing. The sensitive devices show fish and bottom elevations, but also submarines that move up to a depth of about 60 metres. The indication on the small display is made by different symbols. In addition, many fish finders and echo sounders for your boat also display the water and ambient temperature above water.

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